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<!-- ##(see the [[SpecSpec]] for an explanation) -->
<!-- ##(see the [[SpecSpec]] for an explanation) -->
* '''Launchpad Entry''': [[NovaSpec]]:resize-servers
* '''Launchpad Entry''': [[NovaSpec]]:resize-servers

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Develop a feature to allow users to create a new instance of the proper size, then shutdown the instance, copy it over and re-size the image, and boot it on new machine.

Release Note

An API command that allows users to increase the size of their instance.


Rather than create a new machine with new network configuration, users should be able to modify the size of existing virtual machines.

User stories

A user has a fully configured and operational server for processing data. As the project continues the size of the data set increases. To accommodate the increased data, the user needs to increase the ram & cpu allocated to the virtual machine.



This is a user facing enhanced version of InstanceMigration, where the user can change the size of the instance.


API additions:

  • list instance sizes/flavors
  • server action to resize

If resizing to be smaller is an issue, we can limit to only increasing for now.

Test/Demo Plan