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Release Naming/W Proposals

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W Release Naming

According to the Release Naming Process, this page will contain a list of nominated names for the W release of OpenStack. We will accept nominations until February 7, 2020 23:59:59 UTC.

Release Name Criteria

The way we do release naming has changed slightly from past releases. Rather than restricting name candidates to the geographic region where the Summit is held, we will now accept any name a member of the community would like to propose, as long as the name begins with the appropriate letter. The current release naming criteria are:

  • Each release name must start with the letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet following the initial letter of the previous release, starting with the initial release of "Austin". After "Z", the next name should start with "A" again.
  • The name must be composed only of the 26 characters of the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Names which can be transliterated into this character set are also acceptable.
  • The name must be a single word with a maximum length of 10 characters.

Names which do not meet these criteria but otherwise sound really cool should be added to a separate section of the wiki page and the TC may make an exception for one or more of them to be considered in the Condorcet poll. The naming official is responsible for presenting the list of exceptional names for consideration to the TC before the poll opens.

Proposed Names

Please list names with any relevant links to more details. If there is a particular reason you think a name would be a good choice, please add a brief rationale with the name.

  • Wallaby Wallabies are native to Australia, which at the start of this naming period is currently experiencing unprecedented wild fires.
  • Wodewick A reference to a famous and hilarious scene ("Release Wodewick!") in a movie by Monty Python (also the source of the name of the Python language), and/or a cheap joke at the expense of people with speech impediments, depending on your perspective. Would also show our reverence to the recently passed Terry Jones, the director of that movie.
  • Whiskey The International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet codeword for the letter W.
  • Whisky A popular alcoholic beverage.
  • Wow A noun that represents a sensational success, like OpenStack.
  • Whistler Renowned year-round resort known for skiing, snowboarding, biking.
  • Worldwide - OpenStack is a truly global phenomenon now.
  • Wheelhouse - An idiom meaning "in an area of one's greatest capabilities or expertise". Comes from the place a pilot would stand to navigate a ship (Kubernetes metaphors galore). Also, an excellent gastropub in Dallas.
  • Winter Climate change might lead to winter not coming anymore. At least OpenStack could bring winter to us easily.
  • Wasabi It is a japanese plant and a paste made of this plant. It is served with sushi.
  • Woodwind Because woodwinds are better than brass.
  • Washington the geographical area just south of Victoria, also the capital of the USA.
  • Washi Japanese paper often used for origami
  • Wakanda Although a fictional country, it represents state-of-the-art tech advancements which conforms to OpenStack's standards
  • Western Name for 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive on the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
  • Wyoming Name for 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive on the Lehigh Valley Railroad
  • Wesen German for being or essence, among other translations
  • Wonju Wonju is the most populous city in Gangwon province, South Korea and it is one of the fastest growing cities.
  • Warrior Each individual who contributes to OpenStack is a brave Warrior.
  • Wakame A seaweed in Japan. It is one of superfood and very healthy and tasty. It also is rich in expandability and elasticability in dried form.
  • Wookiee Well known character from Star Wars. They are known as being brave, loyal, and skillful.
  • Wanda Wanderer. A wanderer of all tech spaces.
  • Waka A Polynesian word for canoe, genre of music, genre of Japanese poetry or Hawaiian lizard goddess. Also brings "Waka, Waka" to one's mind.
  • Wabisabi A Japanese aesthetic favoring signs of use and age, as well as things that have been fixed and repaired.
  • Wuhan A capital of Chinese Hubei province, that is being ravaged by a deadly virus, and heroically keeps its quarantine to protect the rest of the world from it.
  • Wurst A German- or Austrian-style sausage.

Proposed Names that do not meet the criteria