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Release Naming

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Release Naming

OpenStack releases are numbered using a YYYY.N time-based scheme. For example, the first release of 2011 will have the 2011.1 version number. During the development cycle, the release is identified using a codename. Those codenames are ordered alphabetically: Austin was the first release, Bexar is the second, Cactus the third.

These codenames are chosen after a city or county near where the last OpenStack design summit took place:

  • Austin: The first design summit took place in Austin, TX
  • Bexar: The second design summit took place in San Antonio, Bexar county.
  • Cactus: Cactus is a city in Texas

Only single words with a maximum of 10 characters are good candidates for a name. Bonus points for sounding cool.

D release naming

The D release name will be decided by popular vote at a weekly team meeting on IRC. Since the design summit for the D release will be in Santa Clara, CA, candidates are cities and counties in California starting with a D:


E release naming

The E release name will be decided at the Santa Clara Design Summit, during the lightning talks, using the same highly-scientific voting mechanism we used for Cactus.