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Release Management/Milestone Checklist

Milestone publication checklist

Tuesday (during office hours)

Fix blueprint list using hints from adjust_blueprints script

  • Run adjust_blueprints and post resulting pastebin:
./adjust_blueprints.py $PROJECT liberty-2
  • PTL checks on pastebin that blueprints to be targeted were actually completed during the milestone timeframe. Some older BPs might have been marked Inplemented recently but were completed in a previous release. Those should be targeted to the old release.
  • PTL checks on pastebin that blueprints to be cleaned were not completed yet. If any was actually completed, should be set to Implemented

Finalize blueprint list

  • Run adjust_blueprints and let it proceed with suggested adjustments:
./adjust_blueprints.py $PROJECT liberty-2 --target --clear
  • PTL checks that blueprints on the resulting milestone page are representative of the work that was completed during this period
  • PTL might want to retroactively create blueprints for any major feature blatantly missing

Determine blockers

  • PTL lets us know of any blueprint / bugfix that still block the milestone tag. Those should be added to the milestone page as incomplete bugs & blueprints
  • Clean up superfluous targeted bugs (except the ones mentioned above):
./process_bugs.py $PROJECT --milestone liberty-2 --settarget liberty-3 <exception-bug#> <exception-bug-#>...

Between Tuesday and Thursday

Once the last things are in, push the tag

./milestone.sh liberty-2 HEAD $PROJECT

On Thursday

Once all managed projects are done, announce milestone

  • Email development milestone on openstack-announce
  • Relay email on a tweet (optional)