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OpenStack Liberty Release Notes

OpenStack Networking (Neutron)

Deprecated and Removed Plugins and Drivers

  • The metaplugin is removed in the Liberty release.

OpenStack Compute (Nova)

Upgrade Notes

  • If you are coming from Kilo stable, please make sure you have fully upgraded to the latest release of that lineage before deploying Liberty. Due to bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1474074 versions of Kilo from before the fix will be problematic when talking to Liberty nodes.
  • Allocation ratios for RAM and CPU are now defined within the nova-compute service, thus need to be also provided for the scheduler service. Depending on whether your compute node will be running Kilo or Liberty, the allocation ratios will behave differently :
* if the compute node is Kilo but your controller node is running Liberty, then the CPU and RAM allocation ratios for that compute node will be the ones defaulted in the controller's nova.conf file.
* if the compute node is Liberty and your controller is Liberty too, then you'll be able to set a per-compute allocation ratio for both CPU and RAM. 

To be removed in case https://review.openstack.org/#/c/216696/ is not merged for Liberty (bauzas, 2015/08/26)

OpenStack Telemetry (Ceilometer)

Key New Features

Upgrade Notes

  • The name of some middleware used by ceilometer changed in a backwards-incompatible way. Before upgrading, edit the paste.ini file for ceilometer to change "oslo.middleware" to "oslo_middleware". For example using sed -ri 's/oslo\.middleware/oslo_middleware/' api_paste.ini