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Release Notes, 2012.2.4

The 2012.2.4 release is a Folsom bugfix update for Nova, Glance, Cinder, Quantum, Keystone and Horizon. No further official Folsom releases of these projects are planned.

The bugfixes contained in this release were backported from the development branches into a stable branch. The release is intended to be a relatively risk free update with no intentional regressions or API changes.

Upgrade Notes

  • In order to prevent a denial of service by depleting the FixedIP pool (CVE-2013-1838, see below) we introduced a new quota for Fixed IPs. To avoid upgrade issues, that quota is initially set to unlimited. Operators that use the multinic option have to opt into fixed IP quotas by changing quota_fixed_ips parameter in nova.conf.

Resolved Security Issues





Bugs Fixed

In total, 90 launchpad bugs are fixed by this update.

Known Issues and Limitations