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Revision as of 20:42, 15 November 2012 by Dripton (talk)
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This is a list of places in the Nova code where we check for read_deleted being set to "yes" (which means to include both deleted and non-deleted rows) or "only" (which means to include only deleted rows).

If we're going to change the way we track deleted rows, we first need to fix all the places that currently rely on read_deleted.

nova/compute/instance_types.py get_instance_type sets read_deleted="yes" if param inactive is True get_instance_type_by_flavor_id has read_deleted param, default "yes"

nova/compute/manager.py ComputeManager._cleanup_running_deleted_instances read_deleted="yes"

nova/context.py RequestContext init has read_deleted param, default "no"

              read_deleted property
              also bug on line 72, should be _read_deleted
              elevated takes param read_deleted

get_admin_context takes param read_deleted default "no"

nova/db/sqlalchemy/api.py model_query takes kw param read_deleted, default "no" fixed_ip_get "yes" fixed_ip_get_all "yes" fixed_ip_get_by_address "yes" (other fixed_ip functions do not have read_deleted "yes", which is inconsistent. Bug?) _virtual_interface_query param read_deleted, default "yes" _ec2_volume_get_query "yes" _ec2_snapshot_get_query "yes" volume_get_iscsi_target_num "yes" migration_get "yes" migration_get_by_instance_and_status "yes" migration_get_unconfirmed_by_dest_compute "yes" console_get_by_pool_instance "yes" console_get_all_by_instance "yes" console_get "yes" instance_type_get_all "yes" if param inactive is True _instance_type)_access_query "yes" agent_build_destroy "yes" agent_build_update "yes" bw_usage_get "yes" bw_usage_get_by_uuids "yes" bw_usage_update "yes" s3_image_get "yes" s3_image_get_by_uuid "yes" aggregate_metadata_get_item "yes" aggregate-host_add "yes" _ec2_instance_get_query "yes" _security_group_get_query "only"

nova/network/manager.py nova/network/quantum/nova_ipam_lib.py nova/notifications.py nova/openstack/common/rpc/common.py nova/tests/api/ec2/test_cinder_cloud.py nova/tests/api/ec2/test_cloud.py nova/tests/api/openstack/compute/contrib/test_flavor_manage.py nova/tests/compute/test_compute.py nova/tests/compute/test_compute_utils.py nova/tests/network/test_manager.py nova/tests/test_context.py nova/tests/test_db_api.py nova/tests/test_instance_types.py nova/utils.py nova/virt/baremetal/db/sqlalchemy/api.py tools/xenserver/vm_vdi_cleaner.py