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Rally setup

Install these requirements:

 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install libpq-dev git-core python-dev libevent-dev libssl-dev

If you would like to install in virtualenv Rally, make next steps firstly:

  pip install -U virtualenv
  virtualenv .venv
  . .venv/bin/activate

Clone & Install rally:

 git clone https://github.com/stackforge/rally.git && cd rally
 python setup.py install
 openstack-rally-manage db recreate

Configure Rally

sudo mkdir /etc/rally 
sudo cp ~/git/rally/etc/rally/rally.sample.conf /etc/rally/rally.conf
sudo vim /etc/rally.conf

Create Rally Database

openstack-rally-manage db recreate
# the above will default to a sqlite database under the python dist-packages dir.
# to configure a different location define the connection property under the database group of rally.conf.
# this can lead to problems when (re)creating the database if the user you are running as does not have rwx
# permissions to py dist-packages dir.
# for example:
# [database]
# connection = sqlite:////tmp/rally.sqlite

Zipkin setup (Do not install it's not supported by Rally yet)

Version 0.1

Initial version has many configuration options hardcoded and some things needs to be done manually. Configuration and setup will be improved in future versions.

Currently rally is tested to run on x64 Ubuntu 12.04 server

Install data collector node

Zipkin is used to collect profiling information.

Zipking uses a lot of RAM so collector node should have at least 6 Gb of RAM. Later we may choose alternative collector/visualization solution.

Install with:

$ git clone https://github.com/twitter/zipkin.git

Zipkin uses sqlite by default but it doesn't work under production load. Currently we use Cassandra to store collected data Install Cassandra DB:

$ wget http://mirror.metrocast.net/apache/cassandra/2.0.0/apache-cassandra-2.0.0-bin.tar.gz
$ tar xvzf apache-cassandra-2.0.0-bin.tar.gz
$ sudo mkdir /var/lib/cassandra
$ sudo chmod a+rw /var/lib/cassandra
$ sudo mkdir /var/log/cassandra
$ sudo chmod a+rw /var/log/cassandra
$ apache-cassandra-2.0.0/bin/cassandra &> cassandra-out

Create DB schema for zipkin:

$ apache-cassandra-2.0.0/bin/cassandra-cli -host localhost -port 9160 -f zipkin/zipkin-cassandra/src/schema/cassandra-schema.txt

Zipkin needs 3 services running. For the first time start each one separately and wait for it to load completely so it could download all dependencies

$ bin/collector
$ bin/query
$ bin/web

Later you can run them all together via screen:

$ screen -dmS zipkin-collector bin/collector cassandra
$ screen -dmS zipkin-query bin/query cassandra
$ screen -dmS zipkin-web bin/web

Collector node needs to be reachable from all cloud servers and it's IP should be defined in configuration file in deploy section:

'collectors': {
  'zipkin': '#data_collector_ip#'