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Here is [https://rally.readthedocs.org/en/latest/tutorial.html Rally Step by Step Guide]
Here is [https://rally.readthedocs.org/en/latest/tutorial.html Rally Step by Step Guide]
== Available Rally facilities ==
To be able to run complex benchmark scenarios on somewhat more sophisticated OpenStack deployment types, you should familiarize yourself with more '''''deploy engines''''', '''''server providers''''' and '''''benchmark scenarios''''' available in Rally.
* List of available Deploy engines (including their description and usage examples): [[Rally/DeployEngines|Deploy engines]]
* List of available Server providers (including their description and usage examples): [[Rally/ServerProviders|Server providers]]
* List of available Benchmark scenarios (including their description and usage examples): [[Rally/BenchmarkScenarios|Benchmark scenarios]]
You can also learn about different Rally entities without leaving the Command Line Interface. There is a special '''search engine''' embedded into Rally, which, for a given ''search query'', prints documentation for the corresponding benchmark scenario/deploy engine/... as fetched from the source code. This is accomplished by the '''rally info find''' command:
$ rally info find create_meter_and_get_stats
CeilometerStats.create_meter_and_get_stats (benchmark scenario).
Test creating a meter and fetching its statistics.
Meter is first created and then statistics is fetched for the same
using GET /v2/meters/(meter_name)/statistics.
    - name_length: length of generated (random) part of meter name
    - kwargs: contains optional arguments to create a meter
$ rally info find Authenticate
Authenticate (benchmark scenario group).
This class should contain authentication mechanism.
For different types of clients like Keystone.
$ rally info find some_non_existing_benchmark
Failed to find any docs for query: 'some_non_existing_benchmark'

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Here is Rally Step by Step Guide