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Available Deploy Engines


DummyEngine doesn't deploy OpenStack it just use existing.

To use DummyEngine you should put in task deploy config `cloud_config`. {'deploy': {'cloud_config': {/* here you should specify endpoints */}}}

Sample Configuration

      cloud_config: {
          'identity': {
              'url': 'http://localhost/',
              'admin_user': 'amdin'

Devstack Engine

This engine deploys OpenStack with devstack. Devstacks `localrc` file is generated from `localrc` config value.

Sample Configuratoin

           "name": "DevstackEngine",
           "localrc": {
               "ADMIN_PASSWORD": "secret",
               "NOVA_REPO": "http://mirror.example.com/nova.git",
           "devstack_repo": "http://mirror.example.com/devstack.git"