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Quobyte`s smart storage software offers a single storage system for block (Cinder), object (S3) and shared file system (Manila) out-of-the box with monitoring, automation and one-click-management ready to go in 1 hour on most Linux distributions. Quobyte`s shared storage solution means easy data sharing among VMs, proper file system backups such as private NAS without extra appliances or run multi-VM applications like LAMP-stacks with one shared storage.

Furthermore, several additional core features enable convenient use of OpenStack such as: multi-tenancy, isolation, storage and VMs on one server and the use of commodity hardware. Quobyte allows reconfiguration at runtime without storage service interruption. Storage behaviour is fully configurable via flexible policies which also control automation and hardware independent configuration.

Quobyte Drivers

Starting with the Kilo release (2015-1) OpenStack provides the following Drivers out of the Box :

Quobyte Continuous Integration

Quobyte drivers are tested by our third party CI systems, current status can be checked at

Rechecking Quobyte CI Systems

All CI systems run by quobyte support rechecking by adding the comment 'recheck <ci-instance-name>' to the patch set in question. For example:

recheck cinder-quobyteci-dsvm-volume

This command works even if there's no previous report from the given CI instance for the given patch set.