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Quantum Plugins can expose additional functionality beyond basic L2 connectivity using Extensions.

This extension mechanism should strive to be inline with the standard OpenStack plans for extensions

Santhosh has a branch which includes some code from nova to implement extensions. We should review this branch and give comments: https://code.launchpad.net/~santhom/network-service/quantum_framework

During the summit, we discussed that the set of extensions supported must be queriable. This will be the way that a tenant can detect if a provider supports a certain functionality that is not part of the "Base API".

Examples of functionality to be exposed via extensions include (but are not limited to):

  • QoS properties
  • ACLs


Quantum extensions in EtherPad

Comments and Reviews:

This is a proposal for Quantum API extension. We introduced two extensible structures "port profile" and "port stats" to describe port's configurations and stats. They should be able to handle ACLs and QoS properties. As they are extensible structures, they should be able to handle other extensions. Please review the proposal and let us know your comments. Quantum API extension proposal File:Quantum api extension.docx and File:Quantum api extension.pdf