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Qa Infra Meetup 2014

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What is it?

A meetup of two core groups to collaborate on certain topics. Three days out of five will be about one or several topics that both teams need to work closely together. Two days will be about bootstrapping new contributors and should attract more people to get involved in OpenSource and OpenStack.


Primary room:

Deutsche Telekom AG
Mina-Rees-Str. 12
Darmstadt, Germany

Mo - Tue: room 015
We - Fri: room 033

Breakout rooms:

T-Online-Allee 1

 14.07. room 1.B.K30 (08:00-18:00)
 15.07. room 1.B.K27 (08:00-18:00)
 16.07. room 4.B.K01 (08:00-18:00)
 17.07. room 1.D.K05 (08:00-12:00)
        room 4.B.K01 (12:00-18:00)
 18.07. room 1.C.K30 (08:00-18:00)


Mo - Fri 10am - 5:30pm

Tentative Agenda

  • July 14th: Morning: Telekom shows how they use OpenStack; afternoon Workshop (bootstrapping new contributors)
  • July 15th: Morning workshop: Infrastructure bootstrapping; afternoon workshop: QA bootstrapping
  • July 16th: QA/Infra Discussions/Code Sprint
  • July 17th: QA/Infra Discussions/Code Sprint
  • July 18th: QA/Infra Discussions/Code Sprint

Potential Sprint Topics

  • Logstash/elasticsearch
  • Moving away from Jenkins
  • Nodepool enhancements
  • Refactoring Infra tools/repos to be more reusable
  • Tempest configuration tooling
  • Tempest list users alternative to tenant isolation
  • Adding long term individual test run statistics
  • Managing gate runtime growth
  • Address zuul backlog and add all the features
  • Automated vetting and signing of release artifacts
  • Translations tools
  • Multi-node testing in the gate
  • Openstack-infra Gerrit wishlist

Registration (CLOSED!)

Registration is now closed

Name Company IRC name Comments Email
Marc Koderer Deutsche Telekom mkoderer m.koderer AT telekom.de
Jeremy Stanley OpenStack Foundation fungi Maritim Darmstadt, Sun-Sat jeremy AT openstack.org
Anita Kuno hp anteaya anteaya AT anteaya.info
Clark Boylan HP clarkb clark.boylan AT gmail.com
Khai Do HP zaro zaro0508 AT gmail.com
Matthew Treinish Hewlett-Packard mtreinish mtreinish AT kortar.org
James Blair Hewlett-Packard jeblair corvus AT inaugust.com
Joe Gordon HP jogo joe.gordon0 AT gmail.com
Andrea Frittoli HP andreaf Tue to Thu frittoli AT hp.com
Kim Jensen HP kimj Maritim Darmstadt, Sat-Sat kim.jensen2 AT hp.com
Elizabeth K. Joseph HP pleia2 lyz AT princessleia.com
Joshua Hesketh Rackspace jhesketh joshua.hesketh AT rackspace.com
Matthew Oliver Rackspace mattoliverau matt AT oliver.net.au
Richard Jones Rackspace r1chardj0n3s r1chardj0n3s AT gmail.com
Dimitry Ushakov Rackspace dimtruck
Attila Fazekas Red Hat afazekas afazekas AT redhat.com
Masayuki Igawa NEC Solution Innovators masayukig masayuki.igawa AT gmail.com
Daisuke Morita NTT dmorita morita.daisuke AT lab.ntt.co.jp
Sean Dague HP sdague sean AT dague.net
Pavel Sedlak Red Hat psedlak psedlak AT redhat.com
Ricardo Carrillo Cruz HP rcarrillocruz ricardo.carrillo.cruz AT gmail.com
Yolanda Robla Mota HP yolanda yolanda.robla-mota AT hp.com
Aleksandra Fedorova Mirantis bookwar afedorova AT mirantis.com
Antoni Dabek HP Antoni
Bernhard M. Wiedemann SUSE bmwiedemann bwiedemann AT suse.de
Felipe Reyes SUSE freyes freyes AT suse.de
Mike Heald HP jedimike Maritim Darmstadt, Sat-Sat
Monty Taylor HP mordred mordred AT inaugust.com
David Lenwell Piston davidlenwell Maritim Rhein-Main Hotel sun-wed then in
Hofheim with family until sun
Cody Somerville HP cody-somerville cody.somerville AT hp.com


Put your name here to wait to see if a spot opens up.

Name Company IRC name Comments
Kurt Taylor IBM krtaylor
Mauro Rodrigues IBM maurosr

Travel information

Frankfurt airport bus transfer

You can use the Frankfurt airport shuttle that will directly go to the Telekom Campus:



Any questions?

Please raise general questions in the IRC meetings of Infra and QA.

You can also contact the project PTL's: Matthew Treinish <mtreinish AT kortar.org>, Jim Blair <jeblair AT openstack.org>. For question regarding location and travel: Marc Koderer <m.koderer AT telekom.de>