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** Example: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/710561/
** Example: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/710561/
* eslint-config-openstack
* eslint-config-openstack
** Example: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/785024/
== Project with no release==
== Project with no release==

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OpenStack QA releases its tooling as per each tool release model and also needs to take care of the new branch set on devstack and grenade. This page explain the process and tasks QA team needs to do on every OpenStack release.

Project Releases

Feature Freeze

QA projects follow different release models (explained in the next section) so feature freeze is not applicable to all of them. We do feature freeze for below projects only:

  • Tempest: Week R-3 (Hard StringFreeze) of cycle release schedule. Example Victoria Release Schedule
  • Devstack: Week R-3 (Hard StringFreeze) of cycle release schedule.
  • Grenade: Week R-3 (Hard StringFreeze) of cycle release schedule.
  • Patrole: Week R-3 (Hard StringFreeze) of cycle release schedule.

Project with release mode: cycle-with-intermediary



Project with release mode: independent

Below projects are with independent release and not associated with OpenStack cycle release.

Project with no release

Below projects are with no release and maintained as master version only.

  • coverage2sql
  • devstack-plugin-ceph
  • devstack-plugin-cookiecutter
  • devstack-plugin-open-cas
  • devstack-plugin-nfs
  • devstack-vagrant
  • karma-subunit-reporter
  • openstack-health
  • os-performance-tools
  • stackviz
  • tempest-stress
  • tempest-plugin-cookiecutter

Projects with only Branches

For the most part, Devstack and Grenade only have branches, which need to be cut when other projects get stable/* branches during a release.

  • devstack-plugin-container: hanled by devstack-plugin-container team.

Once all done then you deserve to go for beer \o/