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Mitaka Code Sprint

This code sprint is a a few days of dedicated effort to finish some higher priority work items which are still outstanding for the Mitaka cycle.

Work items

A tentative list of work items (you don't have to update things here, feel free to just add to the etherpad)



Time and Location

Mon. Feb. 22nd to Wed. Feb 24th

Microsoft NERD Center

1 Memorial Drive

Suite 100

Cambridge, MA 02142



Airport: Logan International Airport (BOS)

How to access the code sprint remotely

Given the nature of this code sprint remote participation can be a bit difficult. This is because there isn't a single conversation or thread of work going on at once. People will split into smaller groups and work on something. So having a remote session with remote members using something like google hangouts or a conference number wouldn't really work.

The primary methods of following and participating in the sprint will be over IRC and through the etherpad. Detailed notes will be taken via the etherpad as things happen in the room. Including patches to review, any implementation plans, or overview of discussions. Also, everyone participating in the sprint will likely be logged into IRC on the #openstack-qa channel on Freenode. So if semi-realtime communication is needed you can use that. If you're participating remotely feel free to add on to the etherpad and document any work you're doing in relation to what's happening in the sprint.

Also note, if there is a need to have a "face to face" conversation while remote a google hangout or a phone call can likely be established in an on-demand basis with any remote participant when it makes sense. This just won't be the modus operandi for remote participation.


Name IRC name Comments Email
Matthew Treinish mtreinish mtreinish AT kortar.org
David Paterson dpaterson david_paterson AT dell.com