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This is an attempt to document which OpenStack dependencies work under Python 3. We're starting with oslo, since it's the base of everything else, then gradually including other projects.



argparse - included with Python 2.7+. The separate package is only needed for 2.6.


mox - ? nose - supports Python 3 nose-exclude - ? testtools - ? coverage - supports 2.3-3.3 sphinx - supports Python 3



PasteDeploy: supports 2.5-3.2 (lack of 3.3 may be false negative because 3.3 is new) WebOb: supports 2.6-2.7, 3.2 (lack of 3.3 may be false negative) eventlet: NO (MAJOR PAIN POINT) greenlet: supports 2.4-3.2 (lack of 3.3 may be false negative) lxml: supports 2.4-3.3 routes: NO (stackoverflow shows a failed porting attempt in 2012-07) iso8601: NO anyjson: 2.4-3.1 (lack of 3.2-3.3 may be false negatives) kombu: supports Python 3 (exact version not given) argparse: included in Python 2.7+ stevedore: supports 2.7 and 3.2 (lack of 3.3 may be false negative; ask Doug Hellman) SQLAlchemy: supports Python 3 (exact version not given) qpid-python: ?


distribute: 2.4-3.3 coverage: 2.3-3.3 fixtures: supports Python 3 (exact version not given) mock mox mysql-python nose nose-exclude nosexcover openstack.nose_plugin nosehtmloutput pep8 pyflakes pylint pyzmq redis setuptools-git sphinx testtools webtest