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'''Status''': Forming
#REDIRECT [[PublicCloudSIG]]
  * Sean Handley <sean.handley@datacentred.co.uk>
  * Tobias Rydberg <tobias@citynetwork.se>
This group is for driving changes across projects that enable public cloud operators to provide a service to their users without resorting to custom code.
Each public cloud operator seems to be reinventing the same wheels and their efforts would be better spent investing time and code in OpenStack projects. A dedicated group focussing on bringing about these changes will help serve the wider public cloud community.
Any area where OpenStack falls down for public cloud operators. For example: self service signups, pluggable billing, domain-level quota management etc
==How to Join==
Send an email to the chair(s). Write some blueprints. Propose patches to the core OpenStack projects.
A single group operating over multiple cycles.

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