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Project Teams

OpenStack's mission is to provide ubiquitous, free, open-source software for powering public and private clouds. There are a number of software projects working towards this mission. Some of these are official projects under the direct control of the OpenStack community and some are related to OpenStack, providing useful additional capabilities, but are not part of OpenStack charter or release process.

The Technical Committee has a mandate to review projects that wish to be included as official OpenStack projects. See ProjectTypes for a complete description of each category.

The process new projects can follow to become part of OpenStack is described here.

OpenStack official projects

Integrated Projects (Havana release)

Incubated Projects (Havana release)

  • Reddwarf
  • Ironic

Library Projects

Gating Projects

Supporting Projects


  • compute-api
  • identity-api
  • image-api
  • netconn-api
  • object-api
  • volume-api
  • openstack-manuals
  • api-site


Unofficial/related projects

(transcluded from RelatedProjects)

Related projects as defined by ProjectTypes:

Related - unofficial projects with no rights to use OpenStack brand and assets or project resources
Related projects are made up of projects that have chosen to associate themselves with OpenStack. These projects are not officially tied to OpenStack or any OpenStack processes or resources, but may make use of OpenStack or add functionality on top of OpenStack projects. The "related project" designation is meant to provide an aggregation method for the community to expose useful projects and products in the OpenStack ecosystem that are not directly part of the core or incubated projects.

Designate - provides DNS-as-a-service for OpenStack

Marconi - message queueing service

Savanna - easily provision and manage Hadoop clusters on OpenStack

Murano - allow a non-experienced user to deploy reliable Windows based environments in a “push-the-button” manner

Mistral - Workflow-as-a-Service project for OpenStack clouds

OpenStackClient - a single command-line client for Compute, Identity, Image and Volume APIs

Barbican - OpenStack Key Management as a Service

Caimito - WebDAV, HTTP, Caching, and Content Management and Delivery server frontend for Openstack Swift cloud storage.

Pandora - Pandora is a Java Swing application to operate the whole openstack, it is an alternative to the web-based OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon).