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Project Teams

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What are project teams ?

OpenStack Project Teams are the building blocks to achieve OpenStack's mission. The principles and processes they follow are described in the Project Team Guide.

One can think of Project Teams as teams of people using tools (code repository, bug tracker, etc) and coordinated processes to produce a number of deliverables, in order to achieve a clearly stated objective. For example, the Heat Project Team has a team of core reviewers responsible to drive development in code repositories for the Heat project, the Heat client, the heat-cfntools and other tools.

The Technical Committee has a mandate to review working groups that wish to be included as official OpenStack Project Teams.

The process new project teams can follow to become part of OpenStack is described here.

OpenStack Project Teams

The official list of OpenStack project teams is a projects.yaml file maintained in the OpenStack Governance git repository.

Click here for a complete, up-to-date list.