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Project Teams

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OpenStack Projects

OpenStack's mission is to provide ubiquitous, free, open-source software for powering public and private clouds. There are a number of software projects working towards this mission. Some of these are official projects under the direct control of the OpenStack community and some are related to OpenStack, providing useful additional capabilities, but are not part of OpenStack charter or release process.

The Project Policy Board has a mandate to review projects that wish to be included as official OpenStack projects.

Official OpenStack Projects

Directory of Projects Related to OpenStack

These projects are not OpenStack projects and have no official endorsement. They are projects that are related to one of more OpenStack projects and may extend the functionality or usability of the core OpenStack projects. Projects wishing to become official OpenStack projects should first make their source code available publicly and provide a page in this wiki directory. At the bottom of each project's wiki page, add a link back to this page.

Directory of Related Projects