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==  High Availability for VMs ==
==  High Availability for VMs ==

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High Availability for VMs

User story

The official user story explains the high-level motivation and requirements for this feature.

Current work

In Austin the following key points were agreed:

  • All stakeholders wanted to converge on a unified upstream solution.
  • That solution should consist of modular components with clearly-defined interfaces. This will give a clean separation of concerns, and facilitate gradual transition of all existing vendor-specific implementations to a unified upstream one, by incrementally replacing custom code with upstream components.
  • Specs should be written for each component, to ensure consensus on the feature sets and high-level implementation plan.
  • For now, specs will be tracked in the openstack-resource-agents-specs repository.

This work has started, but is still in its early stages.


Initially, various factions within the OpenStack community built solutions mostly independently from each other. The architectural challenges and several of these solutions were presented in a talk at the Austin summit.

The code for three of these solutions can be found online:

However, around the time of the Mitaka Design Summit in Tokyo, an OpenStack HA community was formed with weekly IRC meetings (minutes of all HA meetings are available). All known existing approaches were summarised and compared, and discussion on a best-of-breed solution commenced.

Since then, the community has been working towards converging on a single solution. In Austin, many long meetings were held, and minuted in this etherpad.

Concurrently, the OpenStack Product Working Group (PWG) identified this feature as missing functionality in OpenStack which should be addressed with high priority. As a result the user story was co-authored by the PWG and members of the OpenStack HA developer community.

Meeting Information

See Meetings/HATeamMeeting

Team Members

Name Company IRC Handle
Pete Chadwick (user story owner within PWG) SUSE pchadwick
Adam Spiers SUSE aspiers
Andrew Beekhof Red Hat beekhof
Dawid Deja Intel ddeja
Sampath Priyankara NTT samP

Additional Artefacts