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ProductTeam/MultiRelease Roadmap

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Multi-Release Roadmap Sub-Team

The Product Working Group, in partnership with the OpenStack Foundation, is building a multi-release directional view of the OpenStack cloud platform by collecting (and aggregating) feedback from multiple PTLs (Project Team Leads). The roadmap covers 20 projects as of the Mitaka release but this list will continue to expand over time. This wiki page will maintain a link to previous versions of the roadmap, team member information, explanation of the various "views" shown in the roadmap slides, and status for the upcoming roadmap refresh/release.

Next Roadmap Presentation: OpenStack Summit in Austin (April 26th, 2016)

Session details can be found on the OpenStack Summit Schedule


The information presented in the "roadmap slides" for information only. It is the authors’ interpretation of information collected and does not represent commitments for features or timelines by the projects or PTLs.

As with any open-source project, items proposed by the team can be impacted by number of developers, hurdles, external forces, and change in direction… All decisions for the accepted blueprints/specs will ultimately be at the discretion of the project core teams. We can merely show a snapshot of a point-in-time in the projects’ evolution and the actual “delivery” of items may shift after that point-in-time. We will try our best to keep this snapshot updated.

Previous Roadmap Presentations

October 2015 (Liberty release; Mitaka Design Summit): OpenStack Community Generated Roadmap
May 2015 (Kilo release; Liberty Design Summit): SlideShare

Note: Future versions of the roadmap presentation will be stored at [OpenStack.org Roadmap Page]


The roadmap refresh team uses a questionnaire to collect feedback from the PTLs about the state of their projects. The roadmap refresh team engages with the developer community twice during a release cycle to refresh our understanding of current/future release plans after key release cycle milestones. The first questionnaire is sent out approximately 2-3 weeks after the design summit for the upcoming release and the primary focus of this engagement is to go back and update our understanding of what used to be the future release as it becomes the upcoming release. The second questionnaire is sent out after feature freeze for the current release cycle and we use this time to refresh our understanding of what actually made it into the upcoming release along with start building a view for the next couple of releases.

Roadmap Refresh Milestones

Product WG Cross-Project Liaisons

The roadmap team consists of the Product WG cross project liaisons (CPL) and additional team members. If a project already has a CPL then that is the person who works with the project team to refresh the questionnaire data. If a project does not have an assigned Product WG CPL then one of the roadmap team members will contact the PTL.

More information can be found on the Product WG Cross-Project Liaisons on this page.

Tracked OpenStack Projects and Status

The "Liaison" column denotes a CPL if there is an asterisk next to the persons' name, otherwise the person is only helping with the collection of the roadmap data and is not the CPL.

Project Liaison Status Additional Comments
Nova Hugh B.* Updated at Mitaka Release
Neutron Duane D.* Updated at Mitaka Release
Cinder Shamail T.* Updated at Mitaka Release
Glance Nate Z.* Updated at Mitaka Release
Keystone Megan R.* Updated at Mitaka Release
Heat Kenny J. Updated at Mitaka Release
Swift Phil W.* Updated at Mitaka Release
Trove Anni L. Updated at Mitaka Release
Telemetry Krish R. Updated at Mitaka Release
Horizon Carol B.* Updated at Mitaka Release
Ironic Hugh B. Updated at Mitaka Release
Triple O Leong Updated at Mitaka Release
Sahara Carol B. Updated at Mitaka Release
Manila Pete C.* Updated at Mitaka Release
Oslo Rocky G. Updated at Mitaka Release
OSClient Megan R. Updated at Mitaka Release
Magnum Steve G.* Updated at Mitaka Release
Kolla Carol B.* Updated at Mitaka Release
Designate Kenny J. Updated at Mitaka Release
Kuryr Shamail T. Updated at Mitaka Release
Rally Arkady K. Updated at Mitaka Release
QA Arkady K. Updated at Mitaka Release
Barbican Mark B. Updated at Mitaka Release
Murano Carol B. Updated at Mitaka Release
Docs Hugh B. Updated at Mitaka Release
RefStack Rocky G. Updated at Mitaka Release
Stable Release Rocky G. Updated at Mitaka Release
OS Ansible Kenny J. Updated at Mitaka Release

Contact Information The best way to contact the roadmap sub-team is to post on the Product Working Group Mailing List and add "[roadmap]" to your subject line.