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Popup Teams

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What is a Popup Team

Work in OpenStack is organized around project teams, who each own a set of git repositories. One well-known drawback of this organization is that it makes cross-project work harder, as someone has to coordinate activities that ultimately affects multiple project teams. We added SIGs as another organizational construct that helps holding discussions and coordinating work around OpenStack problem spaces, beyond specific project teams. SIGs are great as a permanent structure, but sometimes struggle to translate into specific development work, and are a bit heavy-weight just to coordinate a given set of work items.

Popup teams are groups of people working on a short-term, cross-project objective that only affects a limited number of teams, and is not tied to a specific cycle. They are temporary, with a clear scope and disband criteria. We've been informally using those in the past, but we think listing them and formalizing them a bit could help getting them extra visibility and priority.

Anyone can add a pop up team to this document.

List of active Popup teams

Example Team

  • Short name (to be used in ML threads): [popup]
  • Objective: To illustrate the concept of Popup teams
  • Disband criteria: When another Popup team is added to this page
  • IRC channel used to coordinate: #openstack-dev
  • Meeting: None
  • Contact: Thierry Carrez (ttx)
  • Resources: Wiki page Email thread