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Poppy/Incubation Application

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Based on Incubation Template: [1] Note - Poppy has currently NOT applied for Incubation

Project codename



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No known trademarks. Project codename is "poppy"


Poppy is a CDN provisioning API for OpenStack Operators

Parent Program name and PTL

Program Name: PTL: Amit Gandhi

Mission statement

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Detailed Description

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OpenStack operators have many choices when incorporating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) into their infrastructure -- the CDN marketplace has both tried-and-true vendors and up-and-coming upstarts with innovative new features.

But these vendors often have highly-customized and proprietary provisioning APIs. This can be problematic when an operator wishes to support multiple providers -- or swap out one vendor for another. And these challenges spill over to developers who become forced into codifying the CDN instructions for multiple vendors into their applications.

Poppy aims to solve these challenges. Written as a modular, vendor-neutral API, Poppy incorporates a driver-based model that wraps provisioning instructions for all CDN vendors that support it. Application developers can write their code once, and Poppy will handle all the requisite translations behind-the-scenes.

Basic roadmap for the project

Location of project source code


Programming language, required technology dependencies




  • DNS Provider (designate or rackspace cloud dns)
  • Database Server (sqlalchemy or cassandra)
  • CDN Provider
  • Keystone

Is project currently open sourced? What license?

Yes - Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Level of maturity of software and team


Still in development


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Infrastructure requirements

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