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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Poppy?

Poppy provides CDNaaS for OpenStack:

  • REST API for CDN service provisioning
  • Multi-tenant
  • Integrated with Keystone for Authentication
  • Integrated with Designate for dynamic CNAMEing (coming soon)
  • Support for Multiple CDN providers (Fastly, MaxCDN, CloudFront, Akamai, Edgecast)

How do I install Poppy?

For Developers:

  • Please read the README file located in the github repository.

For Operators:

  • We have Dockerfiles if you wish to deploy using Docker.
  • We also are available on Pypi under the package poppycdn (coming soon)

I am interested in Poppy. How can I get involved?

  • Join the #openstack-poppy channel on Freenode where the team hangs out and participate in design discussions
  • Join and participate in the weekly Poppy meeting every Thursday : Meetings/Poppy
  • Contribute Blueprints for potential features that you think need to be incorporated into the Poppy API

What CDN Providers does Poppy work with?

  • Akamai (Implemented)
  • Fastly (In Development)
  • MaxCDN (In Development)
  • Cloudfront (In Development)
  • Edgecast (Coming Soon)

How can I add my CDN as a provider and participate in the program?

Please read the Provider Getting Started Guide.

Do you have working code I can use now?


We are already running in the following Production environments:

What features does Poppy support?

  • Multiple Domains
  • Multiple Origins
  • Referrer Restrictions
  • TTL per site and per path
  • Purge content by path
  • Intermediary Operator CNAMEs to provider url
  • Creating/Updating/Deleting service configurations

How will you handle offering feature X?

Before a new feature is introduced into Poppy, the feature must have widespread acceptance. This means that if CDN Provider A wants to introduce a feature, then that feature must be also offered by at least two other providers of similar size and calibre.

Poppy is aiming to meet the demands of 80% of users, and in order to provide an abstract API that works across vendors, the feature X must be common across most vendors.

That feature will then be built into the API and implemented by each provider driver. Automated Tests will confirm which providers successfully implement the feature.

Will you be applying for Openstack Incubation?

Incubation is not the focus currently for the Poppy Team. When the community feels the time is right, we will apply for Incubation.

Why did you choose the name "Poppy"

A play on the words "PoP" and "Py".

  • "PoP" or "Points of Presence" is a common term for the locations where a CDN provider has a presence.
  • "Py" represents Python - that language of choice for Poppy.