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Poppy/Developer - Getting Started


Getting Started

  1. Understand how the Poppy API is architected
  2. Read the Poppy Wiki
  3. Learn how the Stevedore framework works
  4. Learn how Pecan WSGI framework works
  5. Make frequent and small commits and patches.
  6. Add unit tests and functional tests for your code - we want 100% code coverage.
  7. Run "tox" before submitting patches. This will run all the tests locally and help identify issues before hitting the Jenkins servers.
  8. Learn the terms used in Poppy - [1].

Technical Requirements

  • Poppy follows OpenStack guidelines.
    • Must support py26,py27,py33,pypy,pep8.
  • Any third party library used must be available via the Pypi server.

Participating in the process

  • Join the #openstack-poppy channel where the team hangs out and participate in design discussions
  • Join and participate in the weekly Poppy meeting every Thursday : Meetings/Poppy
  • Contribute Blueprints for potential features that you think need to be incorporated into the Poppy API
  • Contribute to implementing Blueprints
  • Contribute to fixing Bugs
  • Tackle some of the low hanging fruit