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Workflow Embracement

Currently it is possible to use Mistral workflow in Murano component action. The next step is to create component completely from the Mistral workflow, so any component action will be implemented by an action. During embracement (i.e., process of component creation from workflows) it should be possible to specify a) dependencies of the component on other components (e.g., Instance); b) mapping of workflow's input and output from/to component properties.

Creating Murano Component From Mistral Workflow

Mistral workflow is another Murano component action implementation (currently Murano support Murano PL and HOT template). The difference is implementation style - action is building from existing Mistral actions which are scheduled and executed by Mistral engine.

Mistral workflow typically won't be creating infrastructure (e.g., server, network, ...), thus we want to support contracts in workflow embraced components. Further workflow Input properties shall be able to get values from either user using UI, or contract .

Workflow output properties shall be available on the component.


workflow.yaql contains workflow implementing deploy action.

version: '2.0'
  description: Install apache using package tools, configures apache for given port, and starts it. It uses Murano agent for execution of commands on the Murano instance.
  type: direct
    - queue_id
    - port
    url: <% $.url %>

definition.yaml contains various mappings

    Default: 80
    $.class( io.murano.resource.Instance )
     Usage: out
    workflow: 'workflow.yaql'
      queue_id: $.instance.queueId
      port: $.port
      url: url

Command to create package:

$ murano create-package --mistral-workflow <definition.yaml>

The resulting package will contain

  • manifest + logo +... files
  • class file
    • generated from the definition.yaml, or it can be also generated on-the-fly from the definition.yaml file (like Heat HOT templates are)
    • the class is responsible for
      • deployment of dependencies (e.g., Instances)
      • execution of workflows using mapping of input and outputs
      • ...
  • UI file
    • generated from the definition.yaml, or it can be also generated on-the-fly from the definition.yaml file (like Heat HOT templates are)
  • workflow files as resources

Workflow Implementation Support

  • Murano agent integration in Mistral

Mistral shall be able to construct and send message with execution plans to Murano agent on Instances.

  • Command execution on Instances

Using Murano execution plan it shall be possible to execute commands on Instances - e.g., apt-get install mysql

  • Security group, etc... management

Implementation of classes also changes security groups using SecurityGroupManager provided by an environment. We have to provide similar/same capability in the definition.yaml