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Policy Guided Fulfillment - Liberty Planning

Policy Guided Fulfillment Main Page

Completed work in Kilo

  • Murano - Congress integration
    • Murano updated to check with Congress policy as part of provisioning steps
    • New Murano data source in Congress
    • Contributed to adding reactive policy enforcement using action execution in Congress
  • Murano - Mistral Integration
    • Added the option to invoke a Mistral workflow as part of Murano application model

Planning topics for Liberty

  • Murano
    • Improving Murano API for better integration with congress datasource
    • Remediation via Mistral workflows
    • Workflow embracement
      • Components created from Mistral flows
    • Workflow based deployment
    • Support any workflow engine in Murano
    • Policy based monitoring enabling (Ceilometer/Monasca) during provisioning and subsequent monitoring and enforcement
  • Congress
    • Improve the basic action execution based on usage
    • Accelerate the Datalog Horizon UI work started in Kilo
    • Performance validation of Congress with large data sets
    • Follow the delegation PoC work and updates at summit demo
    • Add new Monasca data source driver
    • Evaluate/contribute to Heat data source driver