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Policy Guided Fulfillment

Business Use Case

  • Facilitating reusable policies across workloads:
    • Enforcing Policies on Murano Environments Following Company Policies
    • Facilitate distribution of Workload across hosts
    • Facilitate specification of Monitoring and subsequent remediation (e.g. auto-Scaling)
    • Deployment of specific workload in specific security zones
  • Customer Examples:
    • Desire to use same IT policies on “traditional” and for workload on OpenStack
    • DevOps with “Ops” setup added at production without other changes
    • Evolution towards Autonomous IT beyond just Auto-Scaling


  • Add ability to use policies to guide provisioning workloads and their subsequent management:
    • Declaratively attached to models
    • Separation of concern from development (e.g. can change across stages)
  • Examples of Use Cases:
    • Provisioning: Select how to best provision among options
      • E.g. Placement (location, security zone, Staging zone) choices; Requirements on infrastructure
    • Monitoring: Setup OpenStack or external systems to monitor the workload / Environment:
      • Performance/Ops
      • Security
      • Usage
      • Compliance
    • Events/Incident handling: where to aggregate/Process/Notify
    • Remediation: How to fix issues (e.g. Auto-scale – Who decides, What to do; Reaction in production to security threat or compliance issue)

Policy Guided Fulfillment and Operations

Thoughts on OpenStack Projects Involvement

Next Steps

  • Agreement to support the use cases
  • Setup a Coordinated activity across Murano, Congress and Mistral
  • Agreed division of roles between projects and technical direction + blueprints

Background - Possible Technical Approach

Proposed Approach

  • Evolve Murano Models to support binding to policies
    • Compatible with existing model approach
  • Expand Congress to widen the set of use cases
  • Evolve Murano/Mistral to fulfill (Provision then manage) the Environment guided by the policies:
    • Policies can modify model
    • Execution plans are precompiled and impacted by policies
    • Execution plans are executed in mistral by orchestrating:
      • OpenStack APIs
      • HOT/Heat
      • Ansible
      • Python
  • Instances are tracked for subsequent manual or policy driven management

Step 1 and 2

Step 3

Step 4