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Packaging Tooling

This page is primarily concerned with tooling that can satisfy the needs of operators requiring a build process that can produce OpenStack packages given a set of git repos.


At the 2014 OpenStack summit in Paris, a group of Operators met to discuss collaboration opportunities for tooling related to the operation of OpenStack clusters. Packaging was one of the major topics. The etherpad can be found here

Following this, a mailing list thread was created on openstack-operators@openstack.org to discuss the available options and a potential path towards consolidation of packaging tools.

Available Software

Title Build mechanism Deb Output Rpm Ouput Venv Output Image Output Dependency Building Url Company Contact
Giftwrap fpm yes yes yes no  ? github Bluebox Craig Tracey
Anvil python + rpmbuild... WIP yes WIP no yes github GoDaddy, Yahoo, Cray Josh Harlow
Delorean rpmbuild no yes no no yes github RedHat Derek Higgins
debian-jeinkins-glue jenkins+pbuilder yes no no no  ? off. site Ubuntu?


A tool that consumes a list of OpenStack git repos and produces packages

  • Numerous requests for both deb and rpm support
  • Some folks don't like the idea of using things that are not rpmbuild/dpkg-buildpackage
  • Nice to be able to start from a stable base (eg RDO) and go from there
  • Most folks not particularly attached to their tooling and would happily switch
  • Patch support
  • Basic requirement dependency analysis (aka blowup if not possible to satisfy requirements)
  • No humans involved in the build/update process (automatable)
  • Easily able to add new projects (since new projects seem to appear every day...)

Nice to haves


Weekly meetings tentatively proposed for 1500 UTC on Mondays


agenda 07-12-14