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** [http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/election/plain//candidates/newton/Zaqar/Fei_Long_Wang.txt Fei Long Wang]
** [http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/election/plain//candidates/newton/Zaqar/Fei_Long_Wang.txt Fei Long Wang]
=== Results ===
Elections results:
* [http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_5457a3b2e9f7fc52 Cinder]
* [http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_95ff5bac0ae5ce8e Fuel]
* [http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_3d827b0c8ae6a16a Glance]
* [http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_0c800b5d100786bf Heat]
* [http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_d534a4a1b583069c Infrastructure]
* [http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_ebb7ca76eba2463d Keystone]
* [http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_486b50b19ef5146b Kolla]
* [http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_bfc3f4519c06db18 Magnum]
* [http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_547ba8fef12d65ee Packaging-Rpm]
* [http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_67b4d5ce2dfe3250 Telemetry]

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  • Tony Breeds (tonyb) tony at bakeyournoodle dot com
  • Tristan Cacqueray (tristanC) tdecacqu at redhat dot com

Election System

Elections will be held using CIVS and a Condorcet algorithm (Schulze/Beatpath/CSSD variant). Any tie will be broken using Governance/TieBreaking.


Nominations open 2016-03-11 00:00 UTC
Nominations close 2016-03-17 23:59 UTC
Election open 2015-03-18 00:00 UTC
Election close 2015-03-24 23:59 UTC

Elected Positions

Every official project team must elect a PTL. PTLs are elected for 6 months. Reference: http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/governance/tree/reference/projects.yaml?id=march-2016-elections


Except otherwise-noted in the project team description, the electorate for a given PTL election are the Foundation individual members that are also committers for one of the team's repositories over the Liberty-Mitaka timeframe (March 4, 2015 00:00 UTC to March 3, 2016 23:59 UTC).

The electorate is requested to confirm their email address in gerrit, review.openstack.org > Settings > Contact Information > Preferred Email, prior to March 17 (UTC), 2016 so that the emailed ballots are mailed to the correct email address.

The electorate is expected to abide by the following general resolution: http://governance.openstack.org/resolutions/20140711-election-activities.html


Any member of an election electorate can propose their candidacy for the same election. Nominees propose their candidacy by submitting a text file to the openstack/election repository. The file must be placed in candidates/<cycle>/<project_name>/<candidate_name>.txt. The candidacy is then confirmed by elections officials through gerrit vote. See documentation below.

How to submit your candidacy

If you are not already familiar with OpenStack development workflow, see this more detailed documentation: http://docs.openstack.org/infra/manual/developers.html

Candidacies now need to be submitted as a text file to the openstack/election repository. Here are the required steps:

  • Clone the election repository: git clone git://git.openstack.org/openstack/election ; cd election
  • Create a new file candidates/newton/<project_name>/<firstname_surname>.txt containing your candidate statement.
  • Commit your candidacy: git add candidates/newton/*/*.txt; git commit -m "Adding <your_name> candidacy for <project_name>"
  • Submit your candidacy: git review
  • For example if John Doe wants to become the next Nova PTL, he needs to write his candidacy to "candidates/newton/Nova/John Doe.txt"

After it's submitted to gerrit, verification and approval is being done by elections officials. Then the approved candidate list below is updated.

Confirmed Candidates


Elections results: