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Outreachy/resources for administrators

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Administrators should get familiar with the admin process and tools offered by the program. As a minimum you should register on https://outreachy.gnome.org/ (you can use your https://openstackid.org/ profile for OpenID authentication) and request to be an administrator.

Tracking applicants


  • September 12: participating organizations are announced; and application system opens
  • September 12 - October 17: applicants need to get in touch with at least one project and make a contribution to it
  • October 17: application deadline at 7pm UTC
    • submitted applications are open for editing
  • October 17 - November 8: applicants are encouraged to continue making contributions for the project they applied for
  • November 8: accepted participants announced at 7pm UTC on the GNOME web site
  • December 6, 2016 - March 6, 2017: internship period

Payment schedule

  • Jan 9 - $500 will be sent to participants who have begun their internships
  • Feb 20 - $2250 will be sent to participants in good standing with their mentors
  • April 10 - $2750 will be sent to participants who have successfully completed their internships

Specific to OpenStack

How to evaluate candidates

Scale to use (like in previous rounds):

5 = amazing applicant, could be a module maintainer on completing the program 
4 = strong applicant, will do a good job
3 = good applicant, but is somewhat inexperienced 
2 = is unlikely to do a good job
1 = not a good candidate

Call for sponsors

Pubish on Linkedin WOS group, openstack blog, marketing mlist, personal contacts

Draft text:

    Continuing the tradition, the OpenStack project is looking for sponsors  to support the Outreach Program for Women. The Winter 2014 edition has  already six interested candidates for OpenStack and only one grant  available, offered by OpenStack Foundation. We're looking for more  sponsors. In the past editions, the Foundation, HP, RedHat, and Rackspace have contributed grants, and Intel is a contributing sponsor for the GNOME program. If you have funding available to support more Women in OpenStack please contact me or Anne Gentle. The starting level for one intern is $6250, and you can find out more about additional support levels at https://wiki.gnome.org/OutreachProgramForWomen/Admin/InfoForOrgs#Action. Reports from past rounds on http://www.openstack.org/blog/category/women-of-openstack/

Decline letter

We were not able to select you for this round of the Outreachy internships with OpenStack. Your persistence is admirable, and we appreciate you applying.

Please, don't be discouraged! The response to the program has been very high this round, with many applicants successfully completing a contribution and establishing a relationship with the people involved. To make our  selection decisions, we looked at the applicant's contribution, strength  of her background in the area she applied for, communication abilities, and the ability to focus on the internship as a main activity during  the internship dates. 
We hope what you learned about the OpenStack project and Free and Open Source Software community through this experience will lead to more opportunities for you in the future.  
We'd like to encourage you to keep contributing to projects of interest and apply for the next round of the Outreachy program. The next round will have internship dates around Dec-Apr, and the application deadline is likely to be sometime in November. There will also be another round in a year.

Please feel free to ask me, one of our mentors, or one of the past Outreachy participants any questions you have or for guidance or help with future contributions. You can also read the OpenStack blog, or the  planet.openstack.org blog, subscribe to the OpenStack mailing list, or hang out on IRC to keep in touch with the activities of the OpenStack  project.

The list of accepted participants is posted on

Thank you so much for taking the time to apply and contribute to OpenStack.  We learn more each time we participate in this program and are grateful to have interested bright people like you apply.

< the OpenStack Foundation Admins for Outreachy>

Acceptance letter

Congratulations, you have been accepted as an Outreachy intern with OpenStack! 
<accepted participants link>
We're very excited to have you join our community! You all are excellent applicants, and we would like to offer you the following internship projects:
<assigned mentors list>
Please "reply to all" to email your acceptance of the internship. I'll follow up next week with our next steps and hopefully get together online for a chat prior to the official start date on <date>.

< the OpenStack Foundation Admins for Outreachy>