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Welcome Outreach Mentors!

Please let the coordinator of this program for OpenStack, Stefano Maffulli and Anne Gentle, know if you would like to help out mentoring for the program.

All applicants are required to make a small contribution to the project they are applying to work on. As a mentor, you will need to help applicants identify a suitable first task and help them out with it during the application process.

Please discuss with the applicants the details of the work they'll be doing during the internship period. It is best if the accepted participants work as part of the team, starting with smaller tasks (i.e. bugs) and progressing over time to more complex tasks (i.e. blueprints), with each task being suggested by you based on the current priorities of the team. So the applicants just need to know what areas of the project they are likely to work on and a tentative timeline.

The project should consist of manageable and relevant tasks that can be incorporated into the project throughout the internship period. Stand-alone projects proposed by an applicant are not suitable at all for people who are not established contributors. Please try to avoid situations when participants work on features that are not yet designed or agreed-upon, have too many moving parts, and would only land in the main code-base after the internship is over as a best-case scenario. This rarely works out. Instead, look for agreed-upon manageable bugs and small features that have a shared theme and would allow the participant to feel the satisfaction of landing her changes throughout the internship.

Good mentorship is a cornerstone of this program. These resources are very useful for prospective mentors to review prior to participating in the program for the first time:

So far the identified mentors are. Please add your name and contact information to this list!

  • Flavio Percoco, Red Hat
  • Nikhil Komawar, Software Developer, Rackspace. Email: nikhil.komawar@rackspace.com
  • Liz Blanchard, Senior Interaction Designer, Red Hat. Email: lblanchard at redhat dot com
  • Ju Lim, Member of the Technical Staff, Red Hat. Email: julim at redhat dot com
  • David Cramer, Developer, Rackspace
  • Rossella Sblendido, Software Developer, SUSE. Email: rsblendido at suse dot com
  • Henry Nash, "Wild Duck", IBM. Email: henryn at linux dot vnet dot ibm dot com
  • Dina Belova, Software Engineer, Mirantis. Email: dbelova@mirantis.com, IRC: DinaBelova

Volunteer administrators are:

  • Anne Gentle, Documentation Coordinator, Rackspace. Email: anne dot gentle at rackspace dot com
  • Stefano Maffulli, Community Manager, OpenStack Foundation. Email: stef at openstack dot org