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Currently all OpenStack projects use the openstack.common.log module to log messages of various level, info, debug, warn, etc. The openstack.common.log module relies on the standard Python logging module to format and record log.


There's a lot of analytics that could be done if we were able to receive applications logs in real time. However this is for now impossible.

The only way to receive information from the applications is to make them use the openstack.common.notifier module, which requires a lot of head code change upfront. Today, everything that's logged is logged into a standard destination such as syslog or a file.

Proposed solution

The proposed solution is to provide a logging driver that would be the openstack.common.notifier module. Operators could configure the standard Python logging module as usual and be able to send certain log to a file and/or also to the notification system. These logs could be sent as notifications and then consumed by others programs such as Ceilometer.