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Liaisons for Oslo Integration

There are now more projects consuming code from the Oslo incubator than we have Oslo contributors. That means we are going to need your help to make these migrations happen. We are asking for one person from each project to serve as a liaison between the project and Oslo, and to assist with integrating changes as we move code out of the incubator into libraries.

The liaison should be a core reviewer for the project, but does not need to be the PTL. The liaison should be prepared to assist with writing and reviewing patches in their project as libraries are adopted, and with discussions of API changes to the libraries to make them easier to use within the project.

Project Liaison IRC Handle
barbican Douglas Mendizábal redrobot
ceilometer Julien Danjou jd__
cinder Duncan Thomas DuncanT
glance Flavio Percoco flaper87
heat Thomas Herve therve
horizon Lin Hua Cheng lcheng
ironic Ghe Rivero GheRivero
keystone Brant Knudson bknudson
marconi Flavio Percoco flaper87
neutron Salvatore Orlando salv-orlando
nova Joe Gordon jogo
sahara Sergey Lukjanov SergeyLukjanov
swift Chuck Thier creiht
tripleo Ben Nemec bnemec
trove Vipul Sabhaya vipul
tempest Marc Koderer mkoderer