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(Meeting Information)
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=== Meeting Information ===
=== Meeting Information ===
Schedule: TBC
Schedule: TBC
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=== Approach (TBC) ===
=== Approach (TBC) ===

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Status: Forming, choosing meeting time (as of May 11th, 2016)

Team Organizers: Tom Fifield <tom@openstack.org>, Your Name Here!


The Ops Meetups Team is an open team that works towards:

  • Keeping the spirit of the ops meetup alive, and ensure it achieves its aims
  • Based on community proposals, planning the number and location of events
  • Running the session schedule creation process, from the planning etherpad to the final room layout
  • Finding and coordinating moderators for the sessions
  • Managing "underwriters" - the organisations that sponsor the event

This is an open team that allows those who are passionate about the events, and those dozens who want to host, to join in and make the next successful events.

OpenStack Foundation staff are expected to assist with logistics and provide funding, but this team allocates control in shaping the future events to the community, as we try to answer difficult questions like regional rotations and scaling the event.


This team is expected to persist, and take a leading role in organising all future ops meetups.

Meeting Information

Schedule: TBC

Approach (TBC)

  • Members will meet regularly using an OpenStack meeting channel on IRC
  • We will provide periodic updates to the User Committee and the wider Operations community, when significant decisions (eg venue or date for a meetup) are proposed.
  • The working group will send an email to the OpenStack user committee and operators mailing lists to ensure the wider community are up-to-date, and solicit feedback from the affected OpenStack community members