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Here’s a quick list of various to-do items for each hour, day, week, month, and year. Please note that these tasks are neither required nor definitive but helpful ideas:


  • Check your monitoring system for alerts and act on them.
  • Check your ticket queue for new tickets.


  • Check for instances in a failed or weird state and investigate why.
  • Check for security patches and apply them as needed.


  • Check cloud usage:
    • User quotas
    • Disk space
    • Image usage
    • Large instances
    • Network usage (bandwidth and IP usage)
  • Verify your alert mechanisms are still working.


  • Check usage and trends over the past month.
  • Check for user accounts that should be removed.
  • Check for operator accounts that should be removed.


  • Review usage and trends over the past quarter.
  • Prepare any quarterly reports on usage and statistics.
  • Review and plan any necessary cloud additions.
  • Review and plan any major OpenStack upgrades.


  • Upgrade OpenStack.
  • Clean up after an OpenStack upgrade (any unused or new services to be aware of?).