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= OpenStack Operations Guide =
= OpenStack Operations Guide =
== Abstract ==
moved to https://docs.openstack.org/operations-guide/
This guide provides information about operating OpenStack clouds.
We recommend that you turn to the [https://docs.openstack.org/project-install-guide/ocata/ Installation Tutorials and Guides], which contains a step-by-step guide on how to manually install the OpenStack packages and dependencies on your cloud.
While it is important for an operator to be familiar with the steps involved in deploying OpenStack, we also strongly encourage you to evaluate [https://docs.openstack.org/developer/openstack-projects.html OpenStack deployment tools] and configuration-management tools, such as [[common/glossary.html#term-puppet|Puppet]] or [[common/glossary.html#term-chef|Chef]], which can help automate this deployment process.
In this guide, we assume that you have successfully deployed an OpenStack cloud and are able to perform basic operations such as adding images, booting instances, and attaching volumes.
As your focus turns to stable operations, we recommend that you do skim this guide to get a sense of the content. Some of this content is useful to read in advance so that you can put best practices into effect to simplify your life in the long run. Other content is more useful as a reference that you might turn to when an unexpected event occurs (such as a power failure), or to troubleshoot a particular problem.
== Contents ==
* [[Acknowledgements|Acknowledgements]]
* [[Preface|Preface]]
** [[Preface#introduction-to-openstack|Introduction to OpenStack]]
** [[Preface#getting-started-with-openstack|Getting Started with OpenStack]]
** [[Preface#who-this-book-is-for|Who This Book Is For]]
** [[Preface#how-this-book-is-organized|How This Book Is Organized]]
** [[Preface#why-and-how-we-wrote-this-book|Why and How We Wrote This Book]]
** [[Preface#how-to-contribute-to-this-book|How to Contribute to This Book]]
* [[Conventions]]
** [[Conventions#notices|Notices]]
** [[Conventions#command-prompts|Command prompts]]
* [[Factors affecting OpenStack deployment|Factors affecting OpenStack deployment]]
** [[Factors affecting OpenStack deployment#security-requirements|Security requirements]]
** [[Factors affecting OpenStack deployment#id1|Legal requirements]]
** [[Factors affecting OpenStack deployment#cloud-security-architecture|Cloud security architecture]]
** [[Factors affecting OpenStack deployment#software-licensing|Software licensing]]
* [[Planning for deploying and provisioning OpenStack|Planning for deploying and provisioning OpenStack]]
** [[Planning for deploying and provisioning OpenStack#automated-deployment|Automated deployment]]
** [[Planning for deploying and provisioning OpenStack#automated-configuration|Automated configuration]]
** [[Planning for deploying and provisioning OpenStack#remote-management|Remote management]]
** [[Planning for deploying and provisioning OpenStack#other-considerations|Other considerations]]
* [[Capacity planning and scaling|Capacity planning and scaling]]
** [[Capacity planning and scaling#determining-cloud-scalability|Determining cloud scalability]]
** [[Capacity planning and scaling#adding-cloud-controller-nodes|Adding cloud controller nodes]]
** [[Capacity planning and scaling#segregating-your-cloud|Segregating your cloud]]
** [[Capacity planning and scaling#scalable-hardware|Scalable Hardware]]
* [[Lay of the Land|Lay of the Land]]
** [[Lay of the Land#using-the-openstack-dashboard-for-administration|Using the OpenStack Dashboard for Administration]]
** [[Lay of the Land#command-line-tools|Command-Line Tools]]
** [[Lay of the Land#network-inspection|Network Inspection]]
** [[Lay of the Land#users-and-projects|Users and Projects]]
** [[Lay of the Land#running-instances|Running Instances]]
** [[Lay of the Land#summary|Summary]]
* [[Managing Projects and Users]]
** [[Managing Projects]]
** [[Quotas]]
** [[User Management]]
** [[Summary]]
** [[Managing Projects and Users#projects-or-tenants|Projects or Tenants?]]
* [[User-Facing Operations|User-Facing Operations]]
** [[User-Facing Operations#images|Images]]
** [[User-Facing Operations#flavors|Flavors]]
** [[User-Facing Operations#security-groups|Security Groups]]
** [[User-Facing Operations#block-storage|Block Storage]]
** [[User-Facing Operations#shared-file-systems-service|Shared File Systems Service]]
** [[User-Facing Operations#instances|Instances]]
** [[User-Facing Operations#associating-security-groups|Associating Security Groups]]
** [[User-Facing Operations#floating-ips|Floating IPs]]
** [[User-Facing Operations#attaching-block-storage|Attaching Block Storage]]
** [[User-Facing Operations#taking-snapshots|Taking Snapshots]]
** [[User-Facing Operations#instances-in-the-database|Instances in the Database]]
** [[User-Facing Operations#good-luck|Good Luck!]]
* [[Maintenance, Failures, and Debugging|Maintenance, Failures, and Debugging]]
** [[ops-maintenance-controller.html|Cloud Controller and Storage Proxy Failures and Maintenance]]
** [[ops-maintenance-compute.html|Compute Node Failures and Maintenance]]
** [[ops-maintenance-storage.html|Storage Node Failures and Maintenance]]
** [[ops-maintenance-complete.html|Handling a Complete Failure]]
** [[ops-maintenance-configuration.html|Configuration Management]]
** [[ops-maintenance-hardware.html|Working with Hardware]]
** [[ops-maintenance-database.html|Databases]]
** [[ops-maintenance-rabbitmq.html|RabbitMQ troubleshooting]]
** [[ops-maintenance-hdmwy.html|HDWMY]]
** [[ops-maintenance-determine.html|Determining Which Component Is Broken]]
** [[ops-maintenance-slow.html|What to do when things are running slowly]]
** [[ops-uninstall.html|Uninstalling]]
* [[Network Troubleshooting|Network Troubleshooting]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#using-ip-a-to-check-interface-states|Using ip a to Check Interface States]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#visualizing-nova-network-traffic-in-the-cloud|Visualizing nova-network Traffic in the Cloud]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#visualizing-openstack-networking-service-traffic-in-the-cloud|Visualizing OpenStack Networking Service Traffic in the Cloud]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#finding-a-failure-in-the-path|Finding a Failure in the Path]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#tcpdump|tcpdump]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#iptables|iptables]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#network-configuration-in-the-database-for-nova-network|Network Configuration in the Database for nova-network]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#debugging-dhcp-issues-with-nova-network|Debugging DHCP Issues with nova-network]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#debugging-dns-issues|Debugging DNS Issues]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#troubleshooting-open-vswitch|Troubleshooting Open vSwitch]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#dealing-with-network-namespaces|Dealing with Network Namespaces]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#assign-a-lost-ipv4-address-back-to-a-project|Assign a lost IPv4 address back to a project]]
** [[Network Troubleshooting#tools-for-automated-neutron-diagnosis|Tools for automated neutron diagnosis]]
* [[Logging and Monitoring]]
** [[Logging]]
** [[Monitoring]]
** [[Summary]]
* [[Backup and Recovery|Backup and Recovery]]
** [[Backup and Recovery#what-to-back-up|What to Back Up]]
** [[Backup and Recovery#database-backups|Database Backups]]
** [[Backup and Recovery#file-system-backups|File System Backups]]
** [[Backup and Recovery#recovering-backups|Recovering Backups]]
** [[Backup and Recovery#summary|Summary]]
* [[Customization]]
** [[Provision an instance]]
** [[Create an OpenStack Development Environment]]
** [[Customizing Object Storage (Swift) Middleware]]
** [[Customizing the OpenStack Compute (nova) Scheduler]]
** [[Customizing the Dashboard (Horizon)]]
** [[Conclusion]]
* [[Advanced Configuration]]
** [[Advanced Configuration#differences-between-various-drivers|Differences Between Various Drivers]]
** [[Advanced Configuration#implementing-periodic-tasks|Implementing Periodic Tasks]]
** [[Advanced Configuration#specific-configuration-topics|Specific Configuration Topics]]
* [[Operational Upgrades]]
** [[Operational Upgrades#pre-upgrade-considerations|Pre-upgrade considerations]]
** [[Operational Upgrades#upgrade-process|Upgrade process]]
** [[Operational Upgrades#rolling-back-a-failed-upgrade|Rolling back a failed upgrade]]
* [[Appendix]]
** [[Use Cases]]
** [[Tales From the Cryp^H^H^H^H Cloud]]
** [[Working with Roadmaps]]
** [[Resources]]
** [[Community support]]
** [[Glossary]]

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OpenStack Operations Guide

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