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Operators Tools and Monitoring

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Ops Tools and Monitoring Team

Moderators: Joseph Bajin


A team to help bring tools and monitoring information to Operators who run and manage OpenStack clouds.


  • Induct and coordinate volunteers to achieve the objectives of the team.
  • Continuously assess tools and monitoring processes.
  • Bring together Operators to gather new methods to share with the technology.


  • josephbajin@gmail.com (irc: raginbajin)

How To Join

  • Put your name above, subscribe to the OpenStack Ops Mailing List and participate in threads that have [Tools/Monitoring] in the subject line,


Ops Tools and Monitoring team meets approximately monthly on IRC, in addition to meetings at the summits and at mid-cycle ops events.

Upcoming and past Agenda Items:

Previous meet-up notes:

Meeting Templates and Logging