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Ops Tags Team

Moderators: Tim Bell, Jonathan Proulx, Subbu Allamaraju, Tom Fifield


A team to define tags for ops, allowing users to make better decisions by providing useful information about OpenStack software projects.


  • Induct and coordinate volunteers to achieve the objectives of the team.
  • Manage the process for adding new tags in the ops:* namespace.
  • Manage any disputes related to ops:* tag value assignment
  • Continuously assess ops:* tag values as projects change.
  • Conduct the ops:* tag assessment for new projects as they are released.


  • tom@openstack.org - can help think of tags, organise meetings, and also validate tags against projects
  • subbu@subbu.org
  • richard@raseley.com
  • jim.meyer@hp.com
  • jbajin@verisign.com
  • matt@nycresistor.com
  • kevin.carter@rackspace.com
  • jon@jonproulx.com
  • jkeating@bluebox.net
  • abearfield@bluebox.net
  • sridhar_basam@cable.comcast.com
  • ctracey@bluebox.net
  • cperry@bluebox.net
  • jeb@hp.com
  • chricker@cisco.com
  • mdorman@godaddy.com
  • mkassawara@gmail.com
  • manojsh3@cisco.com
  • msaidelk@cisco.com
  • karl.harris@sungardas.com
  • stefano@openstack.org
  • jaypipes@gmail.com
  • jgb@bitergia.com - would like to contribute mainly on how to map some tags to software development metrics
  • berendt@b1-systems.de
  • tim.bell@cern.ch
  • thierry@openstack.org
  • mizuno.shintaro@lab.ntt.co.jp
  • zhipengh512@gmail.com
  • edsyoo.sec@gmail.com
  • openstack@medberry.net
  • itzshamail@gmail.com
  • amrith@amrith.org

How To Join


Ops Tags team meets approximately monthly on IRC, in addition to meetings at the summits and at mid-cycle ops events - stay tuned to the OPS ML for announcements.

Previous meeting nodes:

What are Tags?

  • Explained at a high level in http://ttx.re/the-way-forward.html
  • When applied to a project, Tags are comprised of a name (eg "Ops:Deployment-Widespread", "Ops:Config-Recipes-Available", "Ops:Packaged"), a value (eg "92%", "yes", "Ubuntu, Redhat and SUSE") and if applicable a description of why the project has that value.
  • Particularly, any tag that is not a 'perfect' result should have a bug report or some other information on steps to fix it
  • All tags are advisory only. They're RFC-style: IETF, not IEEE :)
  • Tags should easily facilitate caveats. Eg due to 2011 Tohoku earthquake, SmartTraveller lists Japan as still fine to visit, but has a sub-note saying "Fukushima area: do not travel" (http://smarttraveller.gov.au/zw-cgi/view/Advice/Japan ). For example, for a tag related to neutron, maybe neutron itself is fine but there might be some special thing about the linuxbridge driver that is important to note.
  • Early tags we're starting with should be simple and non-controversial. There is great potential to define more subjective tags, however these should be left until after the first set are completed.
  • The lack of a particular tag should not be a barrier to someone using the code

How To Dispute a Tag Application

If you feel a tag managed by this team has been applied wrongly, please email the OpenStack Ops Mailing List with [tags] in the subject line to state the reasoning. If you feel uncomfortable having this discussion on a mailing list, or feel that escalation is required, please email tom@openstack.org or any of the user committee members