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TC members are attached as liaisons to each of the project teams, SIGs, or UC working groups. The idea is for these liaisons to keep up with the general health of the group, understand any issues they encounter, and help them work with the TC on solutions if necessary. Some TC members may be more active within the group than the basic liaison responsibilities imply, but that is not required.

Liaisons should monitor their groups by:

  • reading meeting logs or participating in meetings
  • watching summit "project update" videos
  • reading relevant messages on the mailing list
  • talking with the PTL, chair, and other group members
  • checking contribution rates and review turnaround times



Group TC members
API mugsie
First Contact fungi
K8s dims
Meta dhellmann
Resource Management cdent
Scientific pabelanger
Security fungi
Self-healing zaneb

Working Groups

Group TC members
App Dev Enablement zaneb
Diversity fungi
Fault Genes
Interop dims, fungi
Large Deployment pabelanger
Edge/Massively Distributed Clouds ttx
Operators Telecom/NFV smcginnis
Ops Tags smcginnis
Public Cloud ttx

Project Teams

Group TC members
Barbican fungi, ttx
Chef Openstack pabelanger
Cinder smcginnis
Cloudkitty ttx
Cyborg ttx
Documentation dhellmann
Freezer ttx, mugsie
Glance smcginnis, mugsie
Heat zaneb
Horizon cmurphy
Infrastructure fungi, mnaser
Ironic mugsie
Karbor ttx
Keystone fungi,cmurphy
Kolla dims
Kuryr dims
Loci pabelanger
Magnum mnaser
Manila smcginnis
Mistral zaneb
Murano dhellmann
Neutron mugsie
Nova mnaser
Octavia mnaser, mugsie
Openstack Charms ttx
Openstack-Helm ttx
Openstackansible mnaser
Openstackclient dhellmann
Openstacksdk pabelanger
Oslo dhellmann, mugsie
Packaging-Rpm cmurphy
Puppet Openstack cmurphy
Qinling zaneb
Quality Assurance cdent
Rally pabelanger
Refstack fungi
Release Management dhellmann, smcginnis
Requirements fungi, dhellmann
Searchlight mugsie
Security fungi
Senlin zaneb
Stable Branch Maintenance fungi, smcginnis
Storlets ttx
Swift smcginnis, mugsie
Telemetry cdent
Trove ttx, mugsie
Winstackers pabelanger
Zaqar zaneb
Zun zaneb, ttx

Status updates


Reported issues

  • Still uses pycrypto [1]
  • freezer and freezer-web-ui missed the Rocky-2 milestone


  • murano and murano-dashboard missed the Rocky-2 milestone


Reported issues

  • Most of the more active members are employed by Red Hat, so it would be good to bring in more diverse contributors
  • oslo.privsep, taskflow, and oslo.service are used in several significant service projects, but are effectively unmaintained.
  • oslo.service has some issues with the WSGI service not working under python3. The plan is to encourage all projects to stop using that feature, deprecate, then remove it.
  • taskflow is one of several projects that needs to update to a newer version of networkx, but the API changes in networkx mean reworking some of taskflow. Supporting both versions of the APIs may be complicated.

Update: 12 June 2018, dhellmann

  • The team is small, but active and working on recruiting.
  • Team produces regular and frequent releases for the maintained libraries
  • Team meets weekly using IRC
  • Team had both onboarding and project update sessions in Vancouver
  • The level of activity within each library varies.
  • Several of the libraries are reaching a "stable" state in which they may not see many updates beyond bug fixes. This has spurred a discussion of how to treat projects like that, led by the release management team [2]


Reported issues

  • searchlight and searchlight-ui missed the Rocky-1 milestone
  • Release forced for searchlight and searchlight-ui for the Rocky-2 milestone


Reported issues

  • No project update in Vancouver
  • Missed rocky-2 milestone
  • Questions from some public cloud providers on whether they can count on it

Update: June 12, ttx

  • The team changed leadership in Rocky
  • The new team is small, but pretty alive and active
  • Mostly contributors in China (AWCloud, China Telecom, China Mobile)
  • Drop in activity in Rocky: 45 commits by Rocky-2, to compare with the 245 commits in Queens
  • Organizational diversity: 53% of commits are from AWCloud. Reviews are shared between 23% China Telecom, 19% China Mobile, 19% Awcloud. Last cycle with 41% IBM.
  • Regular weekly meetings, well run with clear documentation of outcomes
  • Tracks completion of Rocky community goals
  • A few ML threads, but mostly to discuss things external to the team (new meeting time, stable maint team composition)
  • Missed Rocky-2 milestone, but mostly due to a misunderstanding of release policy.
  • No project update in Vancouver, but was discussed in meeting: sadly no team member was present.
  • Reached out to PTL by email on June 12 for additional concerns / questions.


Reported issues

  • zaqar and zaqar-ui missed the Rocky-2 milestone