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OpenStack Upstream Training/Setup DevStack

Revision as of 08:40, 20 October 2014 by Édouard Thuleau (talk | contribs) (Deploy OpenStack DevStack on a VM with a cloud-init script)
  • Download and save the clud-init script in $HOME/devstack_cloudinit.yaml
  • nova boot --flavor 4GB-ram-10GB-disk --image "Ubuntu 14.04" --nic net-id=$NET_ID --key-name mykey --user-data $HOME/devstack_cloudinit.yaml test_devstack
  • When the VM started and the cloud-init script ran, the devstack script was running into a tmux session with user 'stack' rights. Log onto that VM with SSH client and the user 'stack' (password 'stack') ssh -i mykey stack@<VM_PUBLIC_IP> and attach your session to the tmux with the command 'tmux attach'. You could also reach the Horizon web UI though a web browser on the public VM IP on HTTP port 80.