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|Cross Project / Extended Maintenance
|Cross Project / Extended Maintenance
|Masayuki Igawa
!colspan="6"|VM image experts
!colspan="6"|VM image experts

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OpenStack University covers the team and activities around the upstream collaboration trainings we hold prior to the OpenStack Summits twice a year. It also includes the efforts around helping to on board new contributors and help them to become part of the community.

The team consists of liaisons from the project teams and volunteers from the community. The team members are working on to improve the training format and material and they are also participating in the on-site trainings based on their availability.

We are looking into bringing the training to OpenStack Days events, where we are looking for local team and community members to join and help out, and to other related industry events. You can find the mentors participating in each occasion of the training on the OpenStack Upstream Institute Occasions wiki page.

The team communicates on IRC, on the #openstack-upstream-institute channel on Freenode. Meetings are held weekly in the #openstack-meeting-3 channel on Freenode on Monday at 2000 UTC (odd weeks) and on Tuesday at 0900 UTC (even weeks). Meeting notes are here and here.

For mailing list activity please filter to the [os-upstream-institute] tag.

For the current material please visit the OpenStack Upstream Institute web page. The source of that page is in standard RST format. To update it please submit a patch for it in the Training guides repository (http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/training-guides).

Drivers of the activity:

Name IRC Mail Time Zone Projects/Areas Available for OPNFV Summit
Ildiko Vancsa ildikov ildiko@openstack.org CET Docs, Telemetry, Cinder, Nova Available
Kendall Nelson diablo_rojo knelson@openstack.org Central US Cinder, os-brick, Storyboard Available

The current team members are:

Project Team Liaisons
Name IRC Mail Time Zone Additional Project Knowledge Available for OPNFV Summit
Jay Bryant jungleboyj jungleboyj@gmail.com Central Time Manila
David Stanek dstanek dstanek@dstanek.com
Kristi Nikolla knikolla knikolla@bu.edu
Rodrigo Duarte rodrigods rduartes@redhat.com
Jay Pipes jaypipes jaypipes@gmail.com Eastern US
Stephen Finucan sfinucan sfinucan@redhat.com
Sylvain Bauza bauzas sbauza@redhat.com Central European Time
Miguel A Lavalle mlavalle malavall@us.ibm.com Central Time, US Tempest
Ghanshyam Mann gmann ghanshyammann@gmail.com JST(UTC+9)
Amrith Kumar amrith amrith.kumar@gmail.com US East Time Trove
Community volunteers
Name IRC Mail Time Zone Projects/Areas Available for OPNFV Summit
Amy Marrich spotz amy@demarco.com Central Time Ansible
Brandon Jozsa v1k0d3n bjozsa@att.com Openstack-Helm
Christian Berendt berendt berendt@betacloud-solutions.de Manuals, Kolla, Doc Tools
Dave Neary dneary dneary@redhat.com OPNFV and RDO - not directly in OpenStack Available
Elena Crenguta Lindqvist crenguta@gmail.com
Flavio Percoco flaper87 flavio@redhat.com
Gergely Csatari csatari gergely.csatari@nokia.com CET Docs, api-refs, Training Guides Available
Marton Kiss mrmartin marton.kiss@gmail.com CET
KATO Tomoyuki katomo kato.tomoyuki@jp.fujitsu.com Docs, Training Guides, I18n
Larry Rensing lrensing lr699s@att.com Kolla
Mars Toktonaliev marst mars.toktonaliev@nokia.com CST
Matt Dorn madorn madorn@gmail.com CST Docs, Training Guides
Matthew Treinish mtreinish mtreinish@kortar.org
Pete Birley portdirect pete@port.direct Kolla-Kubernetes, OpenStack-Helm
Samantha Blanco blancos samantha.blanco@att.com EST Patrole, Murano
Sean McGinnis smcginnis sean.mcginnis@gmail.com Cinder
Trevor McCasland trevormc tm2086@att.com Central Time Neutron, Trove
Victoria Martínez de la Cruz vkmc victoria@redhat.com Manila
T. Nichole Williams PagliaccisCloud tribecca@tribecc.us CST Docs, Ceph, RDO
Matthew Oliver mattoliverau matt@oliver.net.au AEST Swift
Tony Breeds tonyb tony@bakeyournoodle.com Australia/Sydney Cross Project / Extended Maintenance P
Masayuki Igawa masayukig masayuki@igawa.io JST QA
VM image experts
Mark Korondi kmARC korondi.mark@gmail.com CET Training Guides, Swift
Training Guides team
Ian Y. Choi ianychoi ianyrchoi@gmail.com KST(UTC+9) Training Guides + Mentor for I18n
Matjaz Pancur matjazp Matjaz.Pancur@fri.uni-lj.si Training Guides
Review + content enhancements
Alexandra Settle asettle a.settle@outlook.com Docs
Chris Dent cdent cdent+os@anticdent.org Nova
Miro Halas bastafidli mhalas@lenovo.com
Scott Kelso skelso sekelso@gmail.com Docs

Material about the material