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OpenStack Upstream Institute

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OpenStack University covers the team and activities around the upstream collaboration trainings we hold prior to the OpenStack Summits twice a year. It also includes the efforts around helping to on board new contributors and help them to become part of the community.

The team consists of liaisons from the project teams and volunteers from the community. The team members are working on to improve the training format and material and they are also participating in the on-site trainings based on their availability.

We are looking into bringing the training to OpenStack Days events, where we are looking for local team and community members to join and help out.

The team communicates on IRC, on the #openstack-university channel on Freenode.

For mailing list activity please filter to the *[os-university]* tag.

For the current material please visit the [University] web page. The source of that page is in standard RST format. To update it please submit a patch for it in the Training guides repository (http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/training-guides).

The current team members are