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Essex OpenStack Global Hack-In

Facilator: Lloyd Dewolf of Piston Cloud Computing, lloydostack@gmail.com , and Tristan Goode of Aptira.

Essex is a release focused on improving the integrity of OpenStack, so our first Global Hack-In is right at the start of the release candidate cycle, the start of March, 2012. The event is focused on testing and getting familiar with the release and exploring areas outside of your expertise.

Collaborators will be working on resolving high priority bugs, and exploring, reviewing and testing OpenStack Essex.

Activities might include:

  • Bug Triage
  • Patch Review
  • Peer Code Review
  • Ad-hoc Testing of use cases
  • Test Automation


This will be a loosely coupled, highly cohesive global event ;-)

There will be a dedicated #openstack-event IRC channel on Freenode.

Each event will be organized and ran by the local development user communities in the manner that best suits the local communities. Although, overlapping the timing of the events is desirable, more important is that the timing of the events serve the locals.

Running an Event

Hosting organizations should expect 15-40 contributors to work at the host's office collaborate on resolving high priority bugs, and exploring, reviewing and testing OpenStack Essex.

The host team should be made up of a site facilitator and a technical host.

  • The site facilitator is responsible for making sure the doors are open (security notified), the lights are on, the temperature is comfortable, washrooms are decent, and there is food and drink.
  • The technical host at a minimum someone who is familiar with devstack and has submitted a valid bug report to OpenStack, so they can at least organize people's exploration and testing around the area they've investigated before.
  • Many hands make light work. It's a great idea to have a backup, and collaborators.

Planned Events

UTC Duration (hours) Location URL Local Time Site Facilitator
23:00, Feb 28 4 Gold Coast, Australia http://www.meetup.com/gctechspace/events/53379082/ 9:00 Lucas Brandt of Gold Coast Techspace
6:00, March 1 4 Sydney, Australia http://aosug.openstack.org.au 17:00 Peter Millar
6:00, March 1 4 Melbourne, Australia http://aosug.openstack.org.au 17:00 Martin Paulo
15:00, March 1 5 Madrid, Spain [[spain-openstack-user-group [AT] googlegroups.com]] 16:00 CET StackOps
15:00, March 1 8 Atlanta, GA, USA Meetup info 10:00 EST Duncan McGreggor of DreamHost
16:00, March 1 9 Fort Collins, CO, USA Colorado OpenStack Global Hack In 09:00 MDT Canonical (David Medberry)
19:00 6 3751 Arias st, 7th floor, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina http://groups.google.com/group/openstack-argentina/browse_thread/thread/6230f9f345a01587?hl=es 14:00-20:00 Leandro Reox of MercadoLibre
19:00 6 San Francisco, USA http://www.meetup.com/openstack/events/52682022/ 11:00-17:00 Dallas Kashuba of DreamHost
19:00 6 Silicon Valley, USA http://www.meetup.com/openstack/events/52682572/ 11:00-17:00 Sean Roberts of Yahoo
6:00, March 2 4 Mirantis Offices: Moscow, Russia; Saratov Russia Announce on Facebook 10:00am MSK (UTC+4) Oleg Gelbukh of Mirantis
15:00, March 8 6 Burlington, MA Meetup info 10:00am EST Andi Abes@Dell