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OpenStack:Horizon User Registration Blueprint

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Allow users to register. Right now only admin can create a new user.


  • Add a new signup form in horizon
  • Onsubmit event of signup form, send user details to an external service (called it "security service")
  • "security service" is nothing it is a webservice (We can use paste.httpserver or flask)
  • Why we need an additional service?
  * We need admin access to keystone to create a new user.
  * We can't login to keystone as admin from horizon, that is a security risk, right ?.
  * So I am planning to login to keystone as admin from "security service"
  * "security service" will makes an API call to keystone to create a new user
  * We can also save additional user details in the field 'text' of keystaon's 'user' table as json object. Or use our on Local DB.
  • Security service creates user in disable mode and return the response back to horizon
  • horizon will send account activation url to user's email id.
  • Once the user clicks on activation link, flow is again same. First comes to horizon, then to 'security service' and makes keystone api call for user activation.

Workflow Diagram

File:Diagram user registartion.pdf

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