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OpenPGP Web of Trust/Juno Summit

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Juno Summit Key Signing

In an effort to build a secure web of trust, some community members will perform an informal exchange of identification and confirm key fingerprints in the Developer Lounge at the OpenStack Juno Design Summit. Exact place and location is to be defined.

If you plan to join us, please bring one or more forms of photo identification, preferably at least a passport, and make sure the real name on your key corresponds to the name on your passport. If you want additional tips, see the parent article.

If you want to bring cards or pieces of paper with your name and key fingerprint then feel free, but if you add your information to the table below before the 14th of April 10:00am UTC, your key will be added to a text file containing all names and fingerprints, and for which we will check together the validity.

Please enter your name in alphabetical order.

people participating in identification exchange
Real Name IRC Nick Key Fingerprint Preferred E-mail Address
Adrien Cunin Adri2000 16F7 F5B3 2D4F 0948 5697 FCBA 37F7 4CBF 350B 810B adrien@adriencunin.fr
Andreas Jaeger Ajaeger 93A3 365E CE47 B889 DF7F FED1 389A 563C C272 A126 jaegerandi@gmail.com
Andreas Jaeger Ajaeger EF18 1673 38C4 A372 86B1 E699 5294 24A3 FF91 2ACB jaegerandi@gmail.com
Chris Jones Ng 6C99 9021 9B3A EC6D 4A28 7EE7 C574 7646 7313 2D75 cmsj@tenshu.net
Clint Byrum SpamapS F00C 9F2F 4F7E B714 AFAD 1A42 538C 0766 F4BC B38E clint@fewbar.com
Devananda van der Veen devananda D235 9F32 7586 11A6 D0D5 99DC 845B EE06 7889 83A7 devananda.vdv@gmail.com
Dina Belova DinaBelova 950D 48B2 3F58 A436 D4D2 A096 57D4 40F6 6E83 8E8B dbelova@mirantis.com
Davanum Srinivas dims A67E 5FD8 80EB 089F 2317 7967 80D8 3A79 6103 BF59 davanum@gmail.com
Dolph Mathews dolphm C1B5 629D E7A3 C2E7 3CF3 D665 7BC8 38D0 688A 4993 dolph.mathews@gmail.com
Jason E. Rist jrist 632D 71C5 1C14 AE9B A239 0CD2 CAB1 6138 BAB7 67F8 jrist@redhat.com
Mark Atwood MarkAtwood 4F48 0261 701C B81F B003 3401 7322 9172 62CC C1E5 me@mark.atwood.name
Matt Wagner matty_dubs 9E9D B8DA 7F92 B207 8647 7992 4A9A 24C4 E9ED D380 matt.wagner@redhat.com
Matt Wagner matty_dubs 5150 9442 00FE 3099 4CA8 D2EA E639 859C 2BE0 2E05 matt.wagner@redhat.com
Matthew Treinish mtreinish 22D7 C9D2 971F 5185 A7FC CCCC FD12 A0F2 14C9 E177 mtreinish@kortar.org
Michael Davies mrda 6870 C7B4 FB9C 629C C845 4E89 81C9 6288 F959 ABC5 michael@the-davies.net
Nathan Kinder nkinder 28E8 CB5B 9567 BF4D 2735 B8BD 96BE E84E D18B E115 nkinder@redhat.com
Robert Collins lifeless 8244 0CEA B440 83C7 9431 D2CC 298E 9A19 AAC0 E286 robertc@robertcollins.net
Sean Dague sdague 4134 CF35 4470 6F86 DFB1 3746 1CAC 45A6 9FE5 AF45 sean@dague.net
Sergey Lukjanov SergeyLukjanov 71C5 CE23 FE25 A46B 95D2 4BCB 1626 1D61 85DB 0AEC slukjanov@mirantis.com
Steve Baker stevebaker 8172 9177 B91C 6311 60E5 B2F2 0E06 3036 384E 42CD sbaker@redhat.com
Steve Kowalik StevenK 6557 4BDD 9F3C 76D0 808C BF36 FDD6 3BAF 588A 553F stevenk@ubuntu.com
Thierry Carrez ttx 22A7 9430 50DB 1E67 EC2B 641A 507A F890 25B1 0423 thierry@openstack.org
Thomas Goirand zigo A0B1 A9F3 5089 5613 0E7A 425C D416 AD15 AC6B 43FE zigo@debian.org