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OpenPGP Web of Trust/Icehouse Summit

Icehouse Summit Key Signing

In an effort to help jump-start our web of trust, some community members will perform an informal exchange of identification and confirm key fingerprints in the Developer Lounge at the OpenStack Icehouse Design Summit on Thursday November 7 2013 during the 10:30-11:00 AM break (Hong Kong local time). If you plan to join us, please bring one or more forms of photo identification, preferably at least a passport, and make sure the real name on your key corresponds to the name on your passport. If you want additional tips, see the parent article.

If you want to bring cards or pieces of paper with your name and key fingerprint then feel free, but if you add your information to the table below by noon HK time on Wednesday November 6 we will do our best to bring paper copies (at least enough for the people who are listed here) for use as a checklist so that you won't need to use your computer. Please bring extra pens or pencils however, if you can, since there may not be many of those to go around.

people participating in identification exchange
Real Name IRC Nick Key Fingerprint Preferred E-mail Address
Christopher Yeoh cyeoh 7D5F DD42 C463 D88F 559E BDF0 3714 8A73 AAE5 3307 cbkyeoh@gmail.com
Chris Jones Ng 6C99 9021 9B3A EC6D 4A28 7EE7 C574 7646 7313 2D75 cmsj@tenshu.net
Clark Boylan clarkb 4FCA 89E2 13C7 ED32 8B36 229B 0EFB 943E 9E0C 013C cboylan@sapwetik.org
Dan Smith dansmith E124 C163 113A 5794 E8C2 33D7 1799 C5A3 044A 3355 dsmith@danplanet.com
Davanum Srinivas dims A67E 5FD8 80EB 089F 2317 7967 80D8 3A79 6103 BF59 davanum@gmail.com
Douglas Hellmann dhellmann E060 113F 190C D011 A8FA B18D 3B6D 06A0 C428 437A doug.hellmann@gmail.com
Elizabeth Krumbach pleia2 F1A1 2FEF 82A5 666C F9A4 A748 2FC7 6319 BC23 49FC lyz@princessleia.com
gustavo panizzo gfa 1AE0 322E B8F7 4717 BDEA BF1D 44BB 1BA7 9F6C 6333 gfa@zumbi.com.ar
Jason Heiss jheiss 9139 F1C4 275A 3E81 F99A 6B46 E060 C91C 1E13 4188 jheiss@aput.net
Jeremy Stanley fungi 97AE 496F C02D EC9F C353 B2E7 48F9 9611 4349 5829 fungi@yuggoth.org
John Dickinson notmyname 6A86 657F C8CF 99F7 8D8C C86A F0E7 F736 6D92 3037 me@not.mn
Jonathan Proulx jproulx 4829 BCDD 4A4D 1902 857B 3A16 37C6 224D 225B CD7D jon@jonproulx.com
Julien Danjou jd__ 5361 BD40 015B 7438 2739 101A 611B A950 8B78 A5C2 julien@danjou.info
Khai Do zaro 3619 C5E2 5C6F A10B 08AC 09BF 51A4 6A1B 3679 559F zaro0508@gmail.com
Mark Atwood fallenpegasus D37B E0BF 09D3 C69B DDAC 78B5 5BB3 D383 3260 8126 me@mark.atwood.name
Mark McLoughlin markmc 2AF9 3CDA 70BF F886 B524 4F8F 6509 1615 C98A 3808 markmc@redhat.com
Michael Still mikal 97A1 DD92 4B6C A08F 228B D4B7 9614 B7D8 CAF1 DFBD mikal@stillhq.com
Morgan Fainberg morganfainberg 88A8 CBF1 C488 50B9 BD0B E61E 0D29 3267 E993 4E4B m@metacloud.com
Nikhil Manchanda slicknik 5674 7211 71F8 CD59 F285 353D 9692 757E BCD3 D66C nikhil@manchanda.me
Robert Collins lifeless 8244 0CEA B440 83C7 9431 D2CC 298E 9A19 AAC0 E286 robertc@robertcollins.net
Ryan Petrello ryanpetrello BAA6 8996 8767 A889 980E A561 3BCE 8A20 53D4 0889 lists@ryanpetrello.com
Sean Dague sdague 4134 CF35 4470 6F86 DFB1 3746 1CAC 45A6 9FE5 AF45 sean@dague.net
Stefano Maffulli reed 6629 94D4 1857 E810 0B9B 3EE4 E331 14CA ADF1 4949 stefano@openstack.org
Thierry Carrez ttx 22A7 9430 50DB 1E67 EC2B 641A 507A F890 25B1 0423 thierry@openstack.org
Thomas Goirand zigo A0B1 A9F3 5089 5613 0E7A 425C D416 AD15 AC6B 43FE zigo@debian.org
Vishvananda Ishaya vishy F79D 5621 D6B6 EAC6 F633 081E 6B4E B3E1 BCCC 3C0A vishvananda@gmail.com