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What Does Openness Mean?

Open Source

We do not produce "open core" software.

We are committed to creating truly open source software that is usable and scalable. Truly open source software is not feature or performance limited and is not crippled. There will be no "Enterprise Edition".

We use the Apache License, 2.0.

Open Design

We are committed to an open design process. Every six months the development community holds a design summit to gather requirements and write specifications for upcoming release. The design summits, which are open to the public, include users, developers, and upstream projects. We gather requirements and produce an approved roadmap used to guide development for the next six months.

Open Development

We maintain a publicly available source code repository through the entire development process. We do public code reviews. We have public roadmaps. This makes participation simpler, allows users to follow the development process and participate in QA at an early stage.

Open Community

One of our core goals is to maintain a healthy, vibrant developer and user community. Most decisions are made using a lazy consensus model. All processes are documented, open and transparent.

We follow those principles:

  • The community controls the design process. You can help make this software meet your needs.
  • The technical governance of the project is a community meritocracy with contributors electing technical leads and members of the Technical Committee.
  • This will always be truly free software. We will never purposefully limit the functionality or scalability of the software to try and sell you an "enterprise" version
  • All project meetings are held in public IRC channels and recorded.

Are we doing it wrong?

We're trying our very best to do things the right way, be properly open, free, etc. If you see anything that suggests otherwise, please don't hesitate to tell us or call us out on it. There's a good chance we simply haven't thought about whatever it is that you've identified.