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Revision as of 03:13, 16 September 2015 by Stephen Balukoff (talk | contribs) (Major milestone: Octavia Version 0.5)

Octavia Roadmap

This document describes the development roadmap for the OpenStack Octavia load balancer as a service project. It should be updated periodically by Octavia team members as the group agrees on development priorities.

Long-term timeline

Major milestone: Octavia Version 0.5

Description: First generally usable release of Octavia. Delivers load balancing services on multiple Nova VMs or containers. Single, centralized command and control (not scalable).

OpenStack release target: Liberty

Neutron-LBaaS progress:

  • Flavor support
  • TLS support
  • Updated horizon UI
  • Octavia driver for Neutron LBaaS

Octavia progress:

  • Octavia delivers all functionality of Neutron LBaaS user API
  • Horizon UI updates for Neutron LBaaS v2
  • Octavia amphora image building scripts
  • Neutron LBaaS driver interface for Octavia
  • Non-voting Neutron third-party CI for Octavia to ensure Neutron code changes don't break Octavia (possibly updated to voting CI, once Octavia supplants legacy reference driver).
  • Command-and-control layer handles:
    • Octavia amphora lifecycle management
    • Octavia amphora monitoring
    • Octavia amphora command and control
    • Neutron LBaaS service deployment
  • Resilient topologies for Octavia amphorae (ie. active/standby)
  • Become reference implementation for Neutron LBaaS

Major milestone: Octavia Version 1.0

Description: Operator-scale release of Octavia. Delivers load balancing services on multiple Nova VMs or containers, and has scalable command and control layer.

OpenStack release target: Mitaka

Neutron-LBaaS progress:

  • L7 switching support

Octavia progress:

  • Multiple loadbalancers per amphora (or amphora groups)
  • L7 switching support
  • Hooks for Heat integration
  • Octavia operator API
  • Horizon UI for operators
  • Fully scalable and HA command-and-control layer

Major milestone: Octavia Version 2.0

Description: "Web scale" release of Octavia. Delivers all the features of 1.0, plus allows for horizontal scaling of individual load-balanced services. (ie. n-node active-active topologies).

OpenStack release target: ???

Octavia progress:

  • Active-active topology support with "Two layer" load balancing topology implemented where layers 1-4 handled by routing infrastructure, and 4-7 handled by Octavia amphorae acting in parallel.
  • Improvements to Horizon UI for operators

Considerations for Octavia 3.0+

The features described here are not presently planned for any official release of Octavia, but may make sense to develop at some point given user or operator demand (and may be moved to an earlier release cycle as a result of this), and probably still fall within scope of the larger Octavia project:

  • Advanced logging configurations
  • Log offloading
  • Integration with to-be-defined OpenStack GSLB project
  • UDP loadbalancing support
  • Additional L7 protocol support (beyond HTTP)
  • Advanced metrics / instrumentation support

Short-term timeline

Highest priority:

  • Get reviews and consensus on the same to finish work for Liberty release (Octavia 0.5)

Medium priority:

  • Collect requirements for Operator API
  • Finish Neutron LBaaS driver for Octavia
  • Get Octavia to work in devstack

Outstanding design questions

  • We need to start putting together specifications for the Operator API for Octavia.
  • Create mock-ups of and start coding Horizon UI for Octavia operators
  • Define the Octavia/Heat interface and write it